Martin Kropff, Director General of CIMMYT
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For Martin Kropff, Director General of CIMMYT, the COVID-19 pandemic poses a threat to open trade that could also impact Mexico.
Deputy Minister of Health Hugo López-Gatell during June's 2 briefing.
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Over 3,891 more cases are recorded in the last 24 hours bringing the total to 97,326 positive cases; 470 new deaths raises the total to 10,637
Deputy Minister of Health Hugo López-Gatell on the Saturday's briefing.
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José Luis Alomía says 73,801 people have tested negative of 128,148 studied so far. Of the 33,460 accumulated positive cases 8,283 are active
Charles Nader
CEO and Co-founder
Trade & Investment
Karel van Laack
Holland House Mexico
Fernando Bustamante
General Director of Ports
General Coordination of Ports & Merchant Marine
"We want our procedures to create fewer obstacles in the development of the ports, and for the people involved.…
Päivi Marianne Pohjanheimo
Embassy of Finland for Mexico and Central America
The relationship between Mexico and Finland goes beyond business. It involves multilevel and multisector cooperation.
Juan Manuel Carreras
San Luis Potosi
Governor of San Luis Potosi, Juan Manuel Carreras explains the strategies that have helped to develop the state's…
Pola Grijalva
China Chamber of Commerce and Technology Mexico
Human talent and perseverance can reverse the negative impact on the market from the COVID-19 pandemic. Would you like…
Mauricio Usabiaga
Ministry of Economic Sustainable Development
The head officer of SEDESU explains the objectives of the Center-Bajio-Western Alliance, as well as the new…
Individuals are adapting to "the new normal," understanding that social behavior will be from now on.…
Guillermo Prieto Treviño
Mexican Association of Automotive Distributors (AMDA)
Martin Kropff, Director General of CIMMYT
Agribusiness & Food
Martin Kropff
Director General
Digital Transformation
Eduardo Medeiros
Chief Digital Officer for LATAM and CEAM
Office Depot Group