Andrew Auns
Director General
Williams Scotsman
View from the Top

360° Approach, Adaptability Create Success

Thu, 09/01/2016 - 21:48

Q: How has Williams Scotsman adapted its solutions to the Mexican market?

A: All markets can enjoy the advantages of temporary space solutions and the potential value we can provide to OEMs and their supply partners. Considering the local context in which information sharing could become a security liability, Williams Scotsman’s standing has helped it weather the challenges. For instance, our previous relationship with BMW in the European market has eased Mexico’s solution transition. Creating ties with OEMs and domestic construction companies is of the essence, as we allocate an entire team to this endeavor. The booming automotive sector is revealing new opportunities and our company is working hard to reap the benefits.

Q: Supplementing its relationship with OEMs, what projects has Williams Scotsman developed with Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers in Mexico?

A: Normally companies within the supply chain require the same type of service as OEMs but on a smaller scale. Although we try to contact OEMs, Tier 1 and Tier 2 companies directly, in some instances we are obliged to deal with local project coordination intermediaries first. Each operation runs differently so we must adapt our designs and specifications accordingly. More advanced projects usually require other types of services, such as training rooms or additional office spaces. Our job is to take the weight off our customers’ shoulders and allow them to focus solely on their line of business.

The size of our operations and our large product portfolio, set us apart both in Mexico and North America. Williams Scotsman has strong operational infrastructure which, coupled with strategic partnerships can expand its capacity. By working with OEMs we can begin to permeate the whole supply chain.

Q: Has Williams Scotsman experienced significant competition from local industrial developers?

A: We have detected three local competitors and a handful of regional companies with whom we directly compete. Williams Scotsman follows pre-established standards and regulations from the US market so beyond securing cost competitive, high-end services, clients also get peace of mind through our specifications. We are truly a one-stop shop for building services associated with project developments. Our 360° Service, which focuses on getting units ready for customers with any furniture they require has been wildly successful since its launch. Several major companies have shown interest in this solution.

Q: What types of innovations have pushed the boundaries of Williams Scotsman to cater to recent market trends?

A: Clients want good customer service and timely high quality solutions at competitive rates. Timing is one of the most critical aspects in our line of business. Solution providers are assessed rapidly and project development must happen within a tight schedule. We push our modular designs to the limit, exemplified in our AS Flex and Redi-Plex solutions. Our buildings' design makes minor modifications easy to implement on the go, at low operational costs.

As we grow, reusing buildings’ skeletons becomes more important, guaranteeing product availability. Williams Scotsman has designed innovative two-story buildings with dormitories, kitchens, as well as office and conference space in the same area, which can be deconstructed within 48 hours.

Q: What projects is Williams Scotsman most proud of in the Mexican market?
A: Our biggest growth has taken place in central and northern Mexico. Nevertheless, Williams Scotsman’s footprint in the southern region is quite strong so we are pleased. The company has worked with KIA, Audi and BMW, among other OEMs and companies in the oil and gas, academic and retail segments. We supported Formula 1 while in Mexico with small modular solutions and will continue to work with them in 2016. Our Toluca branch alone developed over 100 custom units in October 2015 to celebrate the return of Formula 1 to Mexico.