Aeroclusters: Essential Elements of Mexico’s Aerospace Industry
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Aeroclusters: Essential Elements of Mexico’s Aerospace Industry

Photo by:   Merve Sensoy, Unsplash
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Sofía Hanna By Sofía Hanna | Journalist and Industry Analyst - Wed, 03/16/2022 - 12:05

Mexico’s aerospace clusters are key elements for the industry because they help the sector advocate for itself and advance to remain competitive. While each cluster represents the companies within its particular region, they closely collaborate with each other to make the Mexican aerospace industry highly attractive. Their goals include making Mexico’s aerospace industry self-reliant and increasing demand. 


During the pandemic, the clusters focused on helping the sector to recover to maintain the productive chain active and eventually help Mexico recover its position as the direct supplier. “By boosting the national industry’s participation and providing a higher percentage of national content, we stop being a place that is a secondary stop and more a natural ally in a healthy ecosystem,” said Tomás Sibaja, Executive President, Aerospace Cluster of Baja California.


The cluster’s main objectives are to increase purchases in their state’s supply chain and to lay the foundations for the creation of a major aerospace company with a majority of the Mexican capital, which could occur in five, 10 or 20 years, told Juan Carlos Corral, President of the Queretaro Aerocluster, to MBN. To achieve this, clusters support innovation and technology centers, collaborate with universities to train talent in the sector and help potential clients find suppliers by certifying them, as stated by Chihuahua Aerocluster. 


After a harsh 2021, the aerospace industry is returning to normal but the sector is now facing a problem in the lack of experienced talent, which causes high personnel turnover. “There is a talent war going on, with companies poaching employees from one another. This will generate wage inflation and benefit employees but it will hurt the state’s competitiveness,” said Corral. To address this problem, the clusters urge companies to invest in emotional salary and fair wages. 


As the industry moves forward, problems change but objectives remain the same: to promote the industry and help it evolve. Clusters will shape the aerospace sector. Find more about them in Mexico Aerospace Forum 2022, an online event that will take place on April 27-29 hosted by Mexico Business. Mexico Aerospace Forum 2022 will bring to the table industry leaders and decision-makers from numerous sectors of the aviation and aerospace industries. To buy a ticket, click on the banner! 


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Photo by:   Merve Sensoy, Unsplash

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