Aeroeólica's TBM 930

Fri, 12/01/2017 - 13:46

Daher’s experience as a systems and aircraft manufacturer is on full display with the TBM 930, a descendant of the 2014 TBM 900. Featuring the most advanced avionics, the aircraft has an enhanced interface, while offering comfort and an array of amenities to passengers.

The Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A engine powers the TBM 930 and its easy maintenance, efficiency and low operational costs are selling points for Aeroélica, which commercializes the unit in Mexico. The engine’s presence in more than 100 aircraft models is illustrative of the PT6A’s reliability. The PT6A-66D, the version of the engine used in the TBM 930, has a thermodynamic rating of 1,825hp, making the aircraft the world’s fastest certified single-engine turboprop.

The TBM 930 has a maximum range of 1,730NM at a speed of 380mph. The engine flaunts its power at takeoff. When departing from sea level at its maximum weight capacity, the TBM 930 can climb up to 31,000ft in 18 minutes.

The aircraft also has short field capacities, meaning that it can easily and safely depart or land on short and unpaved surfaces of less than 1,500ft. The five-blade composite propeller enhances the TBM 930 take-off distance while reducing the takeoff sound level to 76.4 decibels, meeting international noise standards.

Navigation provider Garmin supplies the TBM with the new G3000 digital avionics deck, a three-display, glass touchscreen – a first for light turboprop aircraft. The G3000 also comes with the GTC 580 controller, which allows the pilot to access systems and sensors and accommodates a menu structure suited to the pilot’s needs to monitor the intercom system, transponder codes, electronic checklist entries, flight plan entry, mapping, traffic and weather.

Garmin is also onboard with its Synthetic Vision Technology (SVT) that enhances situational awareness. SVT offers 3-D topography and realistic images of ground and water features, as well as obstacles and traffic.

The 10.7m-long aircraft can accommodate up to six passengers, with the possibility of having just four seats to add up to 230kg of baggage capacity. For passenger comfort, the aircraft features 14/24 Volt and USB charging sockets, iPod linkup and SiriusXM satellite music and radio. A partnership with Scheme Designers allows TBM owners to personalize their aircraft with unique seat leather and external paint patterns and colors.