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Aeroméxico, Aeromar, AEM Under the Spotlight

By Antonio Gozain | Thu, 10/07/2021 - 12:31

The Mexican Space Agency will collaborate with Russian Roscosmos following the space cooperation agreement signed by authorities from both nations. Aeroméxico obtained approval from a US court to continue with its financial reorganization. Meanwhile, Aeromar pilots could call for a strike next Monday.


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Mexico, Russia Sign Space Cooperation Agreement

During the Russian delegation’s visit to Mexico, authorities from both nations signed a space cooperation agreement for the advancement of science, outer space exploration and other “peaceful purposes,” reported SCT in a press release.

"By instruction of Mexican President, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, an agreement was signed between the government of Mexico and the government of the Russian Federation, (related to) the exploration and use of outer space for peaceful purposes,” reads the statement.

Aeroméxico Set for Financial Restructuring Process

Aeroméxico obtained approval for its Joint Plan of Reorganization from a US court, which was the latest step in its financial restructuration under Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection, reported the airline in a press release.

“The filing is a key milestone on the company’s path to emergence from its Chapter 11 process, and the company looks forward to continue to engage with its stakeholders to finalize the plan on a consensual basis,” said Aeroméxico.

Airbus to Develop Beyond-5G Space-Based Infrastructure

Airbus Defense and Space and its partners Fraunhofer IIS, Fraunhofer FOKUS, Bundeswehr University Munich and Eurescom GmbH have developed an initiative to study the delivery of standards-based 5G and beyond-5G communication services in a space-based infrastructure.

“The consortium will propose a non-terrestrial network (NTN) infrastructure and deployment scenarios to deliver advanced communication services in a timely and cost-efficient manner. In addition, it will focus on the preparation of a future Satcom technology roadmap in line with the emerging 6G concept in order for an NTN to play an even greater role in offering global connectivity," said Airbus in a press release.

Aviation Recovery Relies on Confidence

Possible in-flight contagion is one of the major concerns holding passengers back from flying again. However, the risk is controlled thanks to the efficiency of existing health and safety protocols. The industry’s next challenge is to convince passengers to return to the skies.

Technical data indicates that there is no problem with the reopening; we need to build trust for people to return. There are protocols that were established in airports and inside cabins. There are studies of HEPA filters that renew cabin air every three minutes, while in a hospital emergency room this happens every 10 minutes and in an office every 20 minutes. It is extremely safe to fly,” said Jose Ricardo Botelho, Executive Director of the Latin American and Caribbean Air Transport Association (ALTA).

Aeromar Pilots to Call for Strike

By majority, Aeromar pilots recommended the Mexican Pilots Union (ASPA) to call for a strike due to overdue wage and benefits payments. On Oct. 11, 2021, it will be determined if pilots call for strike. This comes after another strike organized by flight attendants earlier in the week, reported A21.

“Pilots contributed with MX$50 million (US$2.5 million) to Aeromar and we believe that it is a job that we have to do together. Pilots and workers cannot contribute alone, it is also a task for investors. We want this to continue but everyone has to make an effort," said ASPA to A21.

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