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Aeroméxico, CBX to Improve Tijuana-San Diego Crossing

By Emilio Aristegui | Tue, 09/28/2021 - 18:23

Aeroméxico and Cross Border Xpress (CBX) announce investment to improve the border crossing between Tijuana and San Diego. This is one of Aeroméxico’s latest efforts to expand and improve passenger experience by using more efficient travel methods.

Aeroméxico and CBX highlighted their joint mission to create a faster, more efficient border crossing process between Mexico and the US. “To make the experience faster and more comfortable of passengers traveling between US-Mexico border through CBX, starting in November Aeroméxico will integrate the flight to Tijuana and the CBX pass using the IATA code TJX. Travelers will have access to both services from the airline’s website,” said companies in a joint press release. The program is set to begin in November 2021.

CBX is a pedestrian border bridge that connects the US to Tijuana International Airport and aims to be “a faster, more unique and comfortable way to cross the border between the US and Mexico,” reads its website. CBX provides increased connectivity thanks Aeroméxico, Califia, Viva Aerobus and Volaris, which flight to Tijuana International Airport.

US commissioner Kelly Moden had previously highlighted the importance of expanding the CBX after the brdge announced a 646 m2 expansion of the Cross Border Police processing area, as reported by MBN. “I think expanding (the CBX) is the best thing for our economy and our relationship with our neighbor.” While expansions are expected to be completed by 2036, CBX could process about 7 million passengers per year.

Through its alliance with CBX, Aeroméxico aims to improve its passenger’s experience. “We want our clients to have a better travel experience. That is why we are investing in alliance with CBX so that the border crossing between Tijuana and San Diego is increasingly agile and comfortable, for our clients who travel in the more than four hundred flights that we have each month to and from Mexico City and Tijuana,” said Andres Castañeda, Executive Digital Vice President and Customer Experience of Aeroméxico. The airline also highlighted the importance of Tijuana as one of the most important entry points to the US, as nearly 300,000 passengers crossed the border using CBX in July, a record for the month. Aeroméxico also offers 77,000 monthly seats thanks to its over 400 flights between Mexico City and Tijuana.

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