Aeroméxico Recovers; American Airlines Leads Industry
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Aeroméxico Recovers; American Airlines Leads Industry

Photo by:   Unsplash, Jan Rosalino
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Alfonso Núñez By Alfonso Núñez | Journalist & Industry Analyst - Fri, 02/11/2022 - 09:14

Aeroméxico is starting to recover from its December 2021 massive loss in shares after the successful conclusion of its restructuring process under a US court. The airline also joins Delta in launching a new technology to optimize client’s check-in processes.


Meanwhile, US airlines are dominating the Mexican international flight market as American Airlines became the No. 1 provider of Mexico’s international travel offering. The airline also announced new weekly flights from the Texas capital to Cozumel and Jamaica, further growing its presence in Latin America.


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Bankruptcy Court Approves Aeroméxico’s Chapter 11 Procedure

Aeroméxico announced the successful conclusion of its Chapter 11 Joint Plan of Restructuring Process under a US bankruptcy court that has formally announced its confirmation and approval of the plan. After the airline announced its intentions and a third party filed an offer to acquire shares, Aeroméxico’s shares fell almost 15 percent. However, this latest development is the biggest milestone in their restructuring procedure as the company sets its sights on exiting the Chapter 11 restructuring process as soon as possible.


Aeroméxico, Delta Launch New Check-in Technology

The airlines have started implementing Digital Spine into their services, a new check-in technology that will optimize passengers’ flying experience by eliminating the need to use a kiosk or a counter. Aeroméxico and Delta will be the first to use the technology developed by SkyTeam, with Aeroméxico already having completed a trial run with 300,000 passengers. This implementation further solidifies the technological advances in the aviation industry regionally and globally.


US Airlines Make Up 60 Percent of International Flights in Mexico

With more than 21 million users, the 14 US airlines that operate in Mexico led the country’s 2021 international travel market with 59.2 percent of the passengers flying abroad, surpassing pre-pandemic averages of 43 to 46 percent. Mexican airlines only transported 27.7 percent of 2021’s Mexican international passengers, a fall from 2019’s 34.2 percent as Aeroméxico was surpassed by both American Airlines and United Airlines. Canadian, Latin American and European airlines all also saw a decreased participation in the total market results. 


American Airlines Adds Two New Destinations to Mexico and Jamaica

The US airline continues to expand its operations out of the Texas capital city, Austin, after inaugurating more than 14 routes due to the rapid growth of the city after high-tech companies like Tesla moved their headquarters there. American Airlines will offer weekly flights from the Texas city to Cozumel, Mexico and Montego Bay, Jamaica starting on June 11. This will also grow American Airlines’ large participation in the Mexican aviation market, as it currently offers flights from the Austin Bergstrom International Airport to Cancun, Puerto Vallarta and Los Cabos.

Photo by:   Unsplash, Jan Rosalino

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