Aeroméxico Teams Up with IBM’s for AI Meteorological Forecasting
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Aeroméxico Teams Up with IBM’s for AI Meteorological Forecasting

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Héctor Soto By Héctor Soto | Journalist & Industry Analyst - Mon, 11/13/2023 - 09:29

Aeroméxico is leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to address potential issues before takeoff and mitigate operational challenges. The airline has adopted IBM's AI technology to enhance its ability to forecast and respond to meteorological conditions effectively.

The Mexican airline uses the IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite, a comprehensive platform that functions as a control panel. This tool facilitates decision-making based on real-time weather conditions and forecasts of future meteorological events. The suite employs an AI model that draws on data from various weather providers, complemented by satellite imagery and radar information.

Manuel González del Yerro, Leader of Software Sustainability, IBM Latin America, highlights the symbiotic relationship between business, the environment, and technology in an interview with Excélsior. "The technology allows for a greater understanding of the climate and its potential impact on companies," says del Yerro.

He also emphasizes the significance of these predictive capabilities in reducing risks, enhancing operational efficiency, and optimizing the allocation of airline resources while prioritizing customer safety. IBM’s platform operates on a subscription model.

Diego Convalia, Vice President of Technical Flight Operations, Aeroméxico, underscores the impact of this technology on critical decision-making processes related to takeoffs, landings, flight routes, and ground operations. "This contributes to us continuing to elevate the flight toward an extraordinary experience," says Convalia.

The IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite is being used by US airlines in combination with their proprietary data to analyze climatic effects, says del Yerro. This analysis aids in estimating the potential impact on passengers, cargo, and aircraft.

Addressing concerns about the impact of climate change on AI models, del Yerro stresses the importance of maintaining access to reliable data and ongoing investments in model development and updates. Beyond the aviation sector, the IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite finds utility in various industries, from improving the performance of wind turbines in the energy sector to optimizing logistics networks in retail.


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