Aerospace Industry to Face Supply Challenges Until 2025
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Aerospace Industry to Face Supply Challenges Until 2025

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Reneé Lerma By Reneé Lerma | Journalist & Industry Analyst - Thu, 11/09/2023 - 12:37

Mexican authorities have initiated an operation at Mexico City International Airport (AICM) targeting routes to Tokyo and Spain to combat drug trafficking. In the meantime, Queretaro is witnessing a significant increase in automotive and aerospace investments. Additionally, the aviation industry is expected to grapple with supply chain challenges until 2025 due to soaring global demand for aircraft. 

Prepare for liftoff! This is the Week in Aerospace:

Mexican Authorities Target EU-Asia Drug Routes at AICM

An operation by Mexican authorities at AICM led to several drug seizures during the first nine months of the year.This operation reinforces security measures, with a specific focus on passengers and flights bound for Tokyo, Japan, and Madrid, Spain. The overall goal is to combat drug trafficking to the European Union and Asia.  Key participants in this operation include the Ministry of the Navy (SEMAR) and AICM. 

Aircraft Supply Chain Issues to Persist Until 2025

As global demand for aircraft continues to surge, aviation supply chain issues are expected to persist until 2025, warns world's third-largest aircraft leasing company Avolon. Aircraft manufacturers worldwide are striving to stabilize production runs, but supply chain issues are expected to persist until at least 2025, says Andy Cronin, CEO, Avolon. 

Gebauer & Griller, Safran Expand Operations in Queretaro

Queretaro is witnessing a surge in automotive and aerospace investment, such as the recent plant expansions by Gebauer & Griller and Safran. The first company wants to expand its facilities to manufacture cables for light vehicles and high voltage wiring harnesses for electric cars. 

UPS Redesigns Air Routes to Benefit SMEs in Monterrey, Queretaro

UPS has redesigned its air routes in Mexico, aiming to support SMEs and boost their internationalization. The logistics giant aims to create alternatives to satisfy the export needs of industries large and small in Mexico. Through this move, UPS increased its capacity for clients seeking to export from Nuevo Leon and Queretaro, meeting the increasing demand of delivery services and strengthening the company’s presence in strategic regions.

Volaris Lays Off 200 Employees Following Discovery of Engine Anomalies

Volaris announced the temporary layoff of 200 employees to mitigate the economic impact of rectifying anomalies in its engines. The situation raises concerns about capacity and highlights the challenges faced by jet engine manufacturers in ensuring durability and reliability amid evolving engineering standards.

What Does ‘Strategy-Driven’ Mean for Queretaro Airport?

Queretaro International Airport (QIA) has a plan in place to drive regional growth. The airport “will be prepared for the following challenges: long-haul to short-haul flight transfer activity; airlines’ long-haul flight schedule will be developed based on available windows (curfews and providing good connections); high volume of transfer baggage; and ensuring no single carrier is dominant,” says Jorge Gutiérrez De Velasco, General Manager, AIQ.


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