ASA Network Reports 16.1% Growth in January 2023
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ASA Network Reports 16.1% Growth in January 2023

Photo by:   Image by Fotoworkshop4you from Pixabay
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Emilio Aristegui By Emilio Aristegui | Junior Journalist and Industry Analyst - Mon, 02/13/2023 - 13:45

The Airports and Auxiliary Services (ASA) Network announced a growth of 16.1% in passenger services during January 2023. ASA Network highlighted that it aims to increase national air connectivity with safe and quality air services, committing all its 19 airports to provide the best service. 

In January 2023, the ASA Network reported a total of 330,552 users, which represents an increase of 16.1% in comparison to December 2022 when the network reported 284,628 passengers, explained ASA Network via a press release. 

Of the 19 airports comprising the ASA Network, 14 registered growth in passenger services during January 2023. The terminal at Nuevo Laredo recorded the highest growth in said period with 233.3%, followed by the terminals at Poza Rica with 223.3%, Tamuin with 173.9%, Guaymas with 109.9%, Ixtepec with 63.1%, Matamoros with 45.5%, Loreto with 40.9%, Puerto Escondido with 26.5%, Puebla with 24%, Ciudad Victoria with 21.8%, Tepic with 20.8%, Colima with 18.5%, Ciudad del Carmen with 8.3% and Ciudad Obregon with 0.6%. 

The ASA Network also highlighted that numerous terminals reported major growth in operations year over year. The airport at Puebla reported growth of 65.3% in total operations, followed by Guaymas with 64.5%, Ixtepec with 53.3%, Nuevo Laredo with 48.2%, Tepic with 20.8%, Loreto with 13.9%, Matamoros with 12%, Ciudad del Carmen with 11.1%, Colima with 6.9%, Puerto Escondido with 3.5% and Ciudad Obregon with 0.9%.

ASA also reported a growth in air cargo during the month, with a total of 805,288kg transported, which represents an increase of 22.5% in comparison to January 2022. The Chetumal airport accounted for the largest increase with a whopping 765%, followed by Ciudad del Carmen with 41.2%, Puebla with 24.3% and Ciudad Obregon with 5.6%.

Earlier this year, ASA Network reported it delivered 491 million L of jet fuel in December 2022, which represented an increase of 13.4% from the same month in 2021. The Ministry of Infrastructure, Communications and Transport (SICT) explained that the ASA Network supplied a total of 5.09 billion L of jet fuel at its 61 stations during 2022. SICT highlighted that the supply is equivalent to delivering 13.9 million L daily. 

In 2022, SICT explained that the total amount of jet fuel supplied was 28.6% higher than in 2021 when it reached 3.96 billion L. In 2021, the ASA Network distributed jet fuel equivalent to 10.8 million L per day. In 2022, it performed over 46,000 aircraft services to supply jet fuel distribution, which represents an increase of 15.4% from 2021, when it registered 733,000 services, as reported by MBN.

Photo by:   Image by Fotoworkshop4you from Pixabay

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