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Audit of Seneam’s Processes Highlights Discrepancies

By Sofía Hanna | Tue, 05/18/2021 - 19:11

Several new air controllers at the Navigation Services for the Mexican Air Space (Seneam) failed to meet all hiring requirements, pointed out the first quarterly audit of Seneam's Internal Control Body (OIC). This audit highlighted deficiencies in the selection processes of the Training Courses for Air Traffic Controllers and Operations Officer Training. 

Seneam’s problems began after 23 air traffic controllers were accepted to its training courses without passing an English language test. These controllers also failed to meet the minimum required age for registration and had not taken a psychophysical examination. All of those are requirements to enroll in the Air Traffic Controller Training Course, according to Forbes. "The result of the English evaluation that was reported and published determines that the applicant should have been rejected automatically and he should not have been allowed to continue with the selection process, much less to have registered," says the audit delivered to Javier Alonso Vega Dour, Seneam's Technical Area Director, and Luis Ramón Álvarez Aceves, Seneam's Head of Training. In addition to these failures in recruitment, the audit detected that there is no adequate control and supervision of the information offered by the Seneam Training Center (CECASE), since the evaluators' qualifications did not identify applicants who did not pass the English language test. The audit first pointed out that discrepancies between the Organizational and Functional Structure provided by Seneam and contained in the Internal Operation Manual were caused by poor updating of CECASE’s Internal Operation Manual. The audit also highlighted the deficiencies that exist due to the multiple inconsistencies in the selection processes of applicants for training courses. Finally, the audit pointed out the lack of internal control in CECASE, since its personnel failed to demonstrate the performance, supervision, control, coordination and surveillance of procedures, as mentioned in an A21 article. José Alfredo Covarrubias, General Secretary of the National Union of Air Traffic Controllers (Sinacta), mentioned that Seneam would have to take several measures to comply with what the norm establishes. Seneam will also have to document and inform the OIC audit unit of the actions taken to solve these problems. In addition, the fact that no evidence of training of public servants with control numbers 3447 and 4621 was found during 2019 and 2020 is still pending. The conclusion of the audit cites, "There is no list of documentary value, which works in the Seneam Training Center, that determines that the files are properly ordered and classified."

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Sofía Hanna Sofía Hanna Junior Journalist and Industry Analyst