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Aviation Industry’s Path to Recovery

By Jorge Ramos Zwanziger | Thu, 01/21/2021 - 17:48

This week, Luis Lizcano, Executive President of FEMIA, shares his insight on opportunities that may come with supply chain rearrangement. In other news, aviation industry associations are concerned about travel restrictions and suggest replacing them with other measures to avoid the spread of COVID-19, while allowing the industry to recover. Meantime, the pandemic has forced airlines to make hard choices when it comes to costs.

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Featured Interview

Supply Chain Rearrangement May Bring Opportunities: Luis Lizcano, Executive President of FEMIA

Luis Lizcano discusses with MBN the opportunities he sees for the aerospace industry. Mexico has positioned itself as the 10th-largest aerospace exporter globally, competing with Spain, Brazil and Italy. The sector has developed the capacity to build most aircraft parts, including aerostructures, interiors, propulsion, landing gears, brakes and avionics. It has also developed capabilities in engineering, design and MRO.


Tests, Vaccines: Keys to Aviation’s Recovery

The aviation industry has suffered greatly because of the pandemic and lifting travel restrictions is essential to a recovery, warn industry associations, which are urging governments to replace restrictions with testing and vaccination.

Boeing 737 Max Returns: What Changed?

The controversial Boeing 737 Max was grounded globally for 20 months following two fatal crashes. Canada and Europe are preparing to lift their flying bans while other countries have gradually lifted restrictions during the past month. Boeing assures it has made adjustments to its plane and its software so that more accidents do not happen.

Airlines Try to Build Trust Among Passengers

As vaccines are starting to become more available worldwide, asking for vaccination proof could seem a good strategy to make passengers feel safe. However, there are not enough people vaccinated yet for the industry to rely on this specific group of people as their sole consumers. What measures have airlines taken to assure safety for future passengers?

KLM Will Fire a Thousand More Employees

Due to the slow industry recovery, the airline has announced it will lay off even more employees.

United Reports Net Loss of US$7.1 Million in 2020

As the industry deals with its worst crisis in history due to COVID-19, United Airlines reports major losses. The airline’s operative income fell 64.5 percent throughout the year but it is making significant efforts to contain losses.

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