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Bombardier Celebrates 15 Years in Mexico

Tue, 11/24/2020 - 16:31

After 15 years of operations in Mexico, Bombardier proudly claims a large part of the business jet market and a significant contribution to the local aerospace industry. “Bombardier has 31 percent of the business jets market in Mexico,” said Humberto Moas, Sales Director Mexico, Central America and Caribbean of Bombardier Business Aircraft today during MBN’s webinar “Business Aviation in 2020: A Conversation With Bombardier.”

Bombardier Aviation came to Mexico in 2005 with a plant in Queretaro, which started operations in 2006. From then, the company took off at a fast pace. Now, Bombardier has built six buildings across three sites in the state, which now employ 1,600 individuals, explained Mark Masluch, Director of Public Affairs & Communication at Bombardier Aviation. He highlighted that while the company started only manufacturing harnesses at its Mexican facilities, its capabilities have significantly growth. Now, Bombardier manufactures numerous parts from fuselages to main electric assemblies in Queretaro. “We now manufacture complex aerostructures for the Global Aircraft. Our capabilities in Mexico have grown from components to complete aerostructures,” said Masluch.

Bombardier, like many other planemakers, has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. To protect its workforce, the OEM implemented health and safety measures including social-distancing protocols at manufacturing facilities, stringent cleaning and disinfection protocols at all sites and restricted access to visitors. Also, whenever possible, the company allowed employees to work from home to avoid potential exposure to COVID-19. While the outbreak did hurt total revenue, which went down by 5 percent year-on-year in 3Q20, the company’s aviation arm keeps going strong as the business aviation has not suffered from COVID-19 at the same rate as commercial aviation. “We are seeing encouraging signs in aircraft utilization. Business aviation is in a leadership position in regards to traffic and utilization (against business aviation). This is translating to more deliveries for Bombardier Aviation,” said Moas. During its latest quarterly report, Bombardier highlighted the positive results of its Business Aircraft division, which saw revenues of US$1.2 billion, a 10 percent growth year-over-year. One of the drivers behind this growth was the Bombardier Global 7500, explained Masluch. “We delivered 24 aircraft in 3Q20, including a record eight Global 7500s.” Both speakers agreed that the Global 7500 would be a game changer, as deliveries of this aircraft are expected to further accelerate in 4Q20. This aircraft was lauded as a strong representative of Bombardier’s sustainability commitment as it earnt business aviation’s first Environmental Product Declaration, explained Masluch.

During the webinar, Masluch highlighted the company’s commitment to Mexico, naming it “a very special place for Bombardier.” He also pointed out that the company is actively working with local aeroclusters to “bring Mexico to the forefront of aviation.” Earlier this year, Bombardier became the first company to invest in Mexico under the USMCA after announcing the construction of a plant in Chihuahua.

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