Business Airline Flapper to Enter Mexico in 2023
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Business Airline Flapper to Enter Mexico in 2023

Photo by:   Image by 652234 from Pixabay
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Emilio Aristegui By Emilio Aristegui | Junior Journalist and Industry Analyst - Thu, 12/08/2022 - 20:21

Brazilian business airline Flapper presented an expansion plan to enter the Mexican market in 2023, following a round of investments to purchase technology and aircraft. 

Flapper, which operates a private aviation marketplace with per-seat bookings and whole aircraft carriers, announced that it will complement its 2021 investment of US$2 million with a second round of US$6 million in technology, flight operations and aircraft acquisitions. The airline explained that it will strive to expand in the Mexican market. Flapper has previously performed direct flights from Brazil to Mexico, including a last-minute charter from Campinas to Puerto Vallarta on a Falcon 900EX EASy.

Its new strategy will allow aircraft owners to buy shares in selected jets and turboprops under the company’s operation. "Mexico has a high demand in terms of executive aviation and is a country with high purchasing power, which is why for Flapper, Mexico is a very important market, and it is estimated that it could become one of the leading countries in air mobility for the entire region,” said Paul Malicki, CEO, Flapper, as reported by A21. 

Flapper has 1,200 available aircraft on its platform, according to Aerotime Hub. Its patented quoting system provides punctual estimates for charter flights and a service that can be available in less than two hours, explained Malicki. The company aims to promote the incorporation of all-electric aircraft into urban and regional air mobility and has signed letters of intent with numerous OEMs with Electra, Jaunt Air Mobility and Embraer’s Eve Mobility. 

“Drawing on our wide range of expertise in aviation, technology and luxury management, our team has been able to successfully grow our business and create long-lasting value for all our stakeholders,” said Flapper on its website.

Photo by:   Image by 652234 from Pixabay

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