Canadian Aerospace Recycling Company Invests in Aguascalientes
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Canadian Aerospace Recycling Company Invests in Aguascalientes

Photo by:   Image by Sinus_ from Pixabay
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Alicia Arizpe By Alicia Arizpe | Senior Writer - Tue, 09/08/2020 - 12:05

Canadian specialist in recycling for the aerospace and automotive industries ReNeuvo Group announces a US$50-60 million investment in Aguascalientes. The group announced that on its first stage, the project will involve the construction of nine plants that would employ 500 workers. Eventually, the company will build an industrial park in the state that would generate an additional 200 jobs.

The global aviation and aerospace industries are moving towards more sustainable practices to reduce the environmental impact of an industry that currently represents 13 percent of all greenhouse gas emissions of the entire transportation sector. These practices often focus on improved aircraft technology, such as fuel-efficient engines, improving air traffic management and developing sustainable fuels, among others. However, the incorporation of recycling practices into the aerospace sector should not be discounted as a strategy to reduce the environmental impact of the industry. Recycling within the aerospace sector gains increasing relevance as about 12,000 aircraft are estimated to go out of service within the next 20 years, according to the Aircraft Fleet Recycling Association (AFRA). Moreover, this timeline seems to be moving up in the wake of COVID-19 as airlines are taking advantage of the low demand to retire larger, fuel-inefficient aircraft to replace it with newer versions. Back in July, for example, British Airways announced that it would retire all of its Boeing 747.

Once an aircraft goes into retirement, it is often used for spare parts for newer jets. Parts such as seats, landing gears, overhead bins, electronics and engines can be reused or refurbished. Other components including aluminum, fiber components, glass and titanium and steel alloys, among many others, can be harvested and used in the production of electronics. At this point, about 80-85 percent of an aircraft can be recycled while the rest ends up in landfills.

ReNeuvo Group, which works with the aerospace, automotive and agroindustry sectors, will build in Aguascalientes nine plants that will give it the capability to recycle tires, plastics and thermoplastics. This company will add to the state’s strong manufacturing capabilities and the generation of qualified employment.

Photo by:   Image by Sinus_ from Pixabay

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