Cessna Citation Latitude

Thu, 12/01/2016 - 16:14

The Cessna Citation Latitude, the newest member of Cessna’s business jet family, strives to meet the same high expectations as its siblings at Textron Aviation. Initial deliveries suggest it is on its way. During the first seven months of the jet’s commercialization, the American company delivered 23 units, with Mexico receiving its first model in June 2016.

The Citation Latitude offers a maximum range of 4,969km with two pilots and an average of four passengers. Thanks to its lightweight composite materials, the aircraft can reach a cruising speed of 826km/h. The plane also has short-runway capabilities, needing only 1,091m to take off.

Garmin G500 avionics take center stage on the Citation Latitude’s flight deck. Designed to help pilots control the navigation, traffic, surveillance and communication systems, the flight deck also features three 14-inch flight displays that can function either independently or in multifunction mode. Pilots have options for personalizing the displays and can prioritize flight data presented on screen according to their needs or preferences.

The Latitude also is equipped with LinxUs technology that performs real-time diagnostics of the aircraft’s condition. LinxUs works with the Central Diagnosis Maintenance system (CDMS) to monitor the plane at all times. For aircraft equipped with Garmin’s GSR56 connectivity tool, LinxUs Air reports flight problems via satellite and offers answers and suggestions in real time. The standard version of the Latitude offers auto throttles, flight management systems and transponders with ADS-B capability, in addition to the Synthetic Vision Technology.

Measuring 18.97m long, the aircraft houses a 6.63m by 1.96m cabin that can accommodate up to nine passengers. It has 10 windows in the cabin and a bathroom that can be customized. The cabin’s interior colors also can be personalized and its standard Wi-Fi connectivity allows passenger to stay connected throughout the flight. Passengers also can use their mobile devices to control the aircraft’s cabin features such as temperature.

The Citation Latitude has a direct operating cost of US$4.45 per mile, almost US$0.20 more than the Citation XLS but the Latitude offers more range than the XLS+. As a member of Textron Aviation, the Citation can be serviced at any Textron workshop. The Citation Latitude is Cessna’s latest submission to meet the needs of an efficient and modern aircraft fleet.