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Chihuahua Inaugurates New Innovation Center

Thu, 03/18/2021 - 13:37

Chihuahua strengthens its aerospace sector with the inauguration of an innovation center that will add to the growing capabilities of the state. The new Industrial Innovation Center for Chihuahua’s Aerospace Sector (CIIA) will perform design, engineering and distribution of electric harnesses for the Boeing 787 and the Airbus 380.

“We have no doubt that nowadays, innovation centers are significant components of an economic strategy not just at a local or regional level. As the Deputy Minister of Commerce and Industry said, they are a meeting point to link the local to the global economy,” said Javier Corral Jurado, Governor of Chihuahua, at the center’s inauguration event. The new center was a collaborative project involving the Federal Ministry of Economy, the Confederation of Industry Chambers (CONCAMIN), Tecnológico Nacional de México and Innovati Consulting Group, among other players.

Through this new center, the state strengthens its bet on the aerospace industry as it will also generate training programs and manage research and innovation projects. Moreover, the center will support local SMEs by giving them access to courses, technology and the opportunity to collaborate with international companies. Progress “will be reflected in larger support for small and medium companies to help them work with global supply chains,” said Francisco Fernández Díaz, President of CONCAMIN, according to El Financiero.

CIIA adds to Chihuahua’s booming aerospace industry, which already incorporates over 45 companies that employ 17,000 people and attract over US$1 billion in local and foreign investment. The state hosts manufacturing plants for numerous aerospace giants including Safran, Textron, Cessna, Honeywell and Beechcraft. Chihuahua’s aerospace exports amount to US$1.5 billion per year, heading mainly to the US, Canada, France and Germany.

While COVID-19 dealt a heavy blow to the local industry, the state has been working steadily to continue consolidating the aerospace sector. “While COVID-19 brought troubles, it also brought new opportunities. We are seeing that major aerospace OEMs are now relocating their supply chains and Mexico is a good alternative,” told Rene Espinosa, President of Chihuahua Aerospace Cluster, to MBN. During the past several months, Chihuahua launched a new investment platform, Chihuahua City Invest, to promote the state and attract new investment in diverse economic activities. The state will also incorporate new manufacturing plants for French engine giant Safran and aerospace supply chain manager Incora. Through efforts of this kind, the state seems to continue its bet on innovation as a driver of economic development. “Innovation is an engine for development and requires constant investment and qualified human capital. Because of that, it promotes competitiveness and sustained development,” said Corral.