CIDETEQ Is Certified by Bombardier for Its Aerospace Activities

Fri, 12/01/2017 - 11:02

Although companies usually prefer to send their components to countries like India, China and the US for testing, aerospace companies are finding a competitive alternative in CIDETEQ. “Sending a component all the way to India or China usually means delaying production for close to three weeks,” says Gabriel Siade, Director General of CIDETEQ. “We can provide results in about 24 hours.”

CIDETEQ has 97 certified processes that include water, food, residue, metallurgy and chemical applications. The center has AS 9100 and ISO 9001 certifications, and is also certified by Bombardier for its aerospace activities. Within this sector, CIDETEQ is already collaborating with companies such as Safran and Bombardier in the development of advanced materials and processes.

With Safran, CIDETEQ developed a traceability system for landing component manufacturing that involves not only component data but also operation parameters for all processes during the part’s treatment. CIDETEQ has even applied its knowledge in water-treatment solutions to support Safran in the making of an electro-coagulation and electrooxidation reactor for water-treatment applications.

CIDETEQ’s collaboration with Bombardier led to the formulation of a hard-anodizing process that did not require hexavalent chrome. This solution is used in bonding applications that are normally corrosion and stress points that can cause failures.

The center works with aerospace companies regardless of their position in the production chain, developing these and other surface treatment solutions including chroming, anodizing and plasma treatment through chemical vapor deposition, high-velocity oxygen fuel or high-speed thermal projection. CIDETEQ also participates in the fuel sector with biodiesel and bio jet fuel solutions, working in collaboration with other companies and R&D centers as part of a joint effort established by CONACYT.