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Collaboration Essential to Address Supply Chain Gaps

By Sofía Hanna | Mon, 07/04/2022 - 11:51

Q: How does Axon Interconex's offerings align with the needs of the Mexican market?

A: Axon Cable, the parent company of Axon Interconex, is a French group that has interconnection as its core business. It specializes in making interconnectivity a reality in hostile environments. We offer high-technology solutions to all sectors and we can work together with R&D centers to find the best interconnection system for their needs. We also participate in educational and technical seminars to continue promoting our heritage’s interconnection.  


Mexico’s position is strategic thanks to its proximity to the US, which has the public and private financing to invest in R&D. From Mexico, we can manage numerous accounts based in the US.


Q: What are your expansion plans for Latin America?

A: We can expand alongside our clients as long as their destination has the economic conditions to introduce a high-technology product. We normally work with Tier 1s and Tier 2s in different industries and we are open to expand to wherever we identify an opportunity. For example, we recently introduced our products to industrial plants in Costa Rica.


Q: What measures is Axon Interconex implementing to reduce its carbon footprint?

A: The group’s environmental strategy recognizes the importance of taking care of the environment to continue developing the company and being a perennial company. Axon Cable implemented a series of sustainable measures that all subsidiaries have to follow. In group, we have the “Life Cycle” in all our activities in order to reduce the environmental impact.


In Mexico, Axon Interconex is doing activities in order to follow the “Life Cycle” as separates waste and has reduced its energy consumption. We had the ISO 14000 certification and we have been certified by the Ministry of Sustainable Development (SEDESU) as a sustainable company in Queretaro.


Q: How does Axon’ Interconex define the life cycle of its products and calculate their environmental impact?

A: The life cycle of a product can be determined by the type of company it is headed to and the materials it is composed of. This depends on the client and the type of industry. We always prioritize the environment and abide by sustainability norms and social responsibility. For example, we avoid using materials that come from countries with poor labor rights. We aim to be a socially and environmentally conscious organization.


Q: Which sectors have the largest demand in Mexico?

A: The automotive and the aerospace industry are our most important markets in the country. The military sector is mostly managed through our subsidiaries in Brazil and the US. We have the International Automotive Task Force (IATF) certification for automotive and the Aeronautic Standard (AS), and also have the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR).


Q: How has the shortage of components in the automotive and aerospace industries affected Axon Interconex’s operations?

A: We work closely with our clients to identify materials that can be used to substitute other components. After the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdowns in China, the shortages started to affect us. Our delivery times became longer and we have worked closely with our clients to close these gaps and use other materials in the market. This situation has dramatically increased the costs of some materials.


Q: How does Axon Interconex support the development of Mexico’s aerospace industry?

A: Axon Interconex has been working closely with the Mexican Space Agency (AEM) and Academic Institutions, participating in some of their space and education projects. We also work with the Mexican Federation of the Aerospace Industry (FEMIA) and we are part of the space commission, which allowed us to develop the sector’s supply chain.


Q: What are Axon’s short-term goals?

A: We want to continue supporting the US and develop more projects in Latin America. We also want to focus on our strongest markets, which are the automotive, industrial and aerospace sectors. We will continue to service our subsidiaries in the continent to keep expanding.  


Axon’ Interconex is a French-based manufacturer of specialty interconnection solutions, including cables, connectors and other components. In Mexico, it supports aerospace and automotive companies with high-tech wiring applications

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