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Collaborative Efforts Necessary for Aerospace Recovery

By Jorge Ramos Zwanziger | Thu, 06/24/2021 - 17:01

This week, Humberto Ramos, CEO of HT-MX, discussed with MBN the strengths that exist in Chihuahua for the manufacturing industry. Also, the Airbus Foundation announced a collaborative effort with Fondo Unido-United Way Mexico to increase children’s interests in the aerospace industry.

In other news, CANAERO expressed concerns about the future of Mexican airlines while some carriers are taking stronger measures for passenger safety, with Aeroméxico adopting a COVID-19 travel pass.

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Chihuahua: All You Need for Manufacturing: Humberto Ramos, CEO of HT-MX

Ramos explained the many advantages of operating in Mexico, as the country has now a more integrated manufacturing environment. Many gaps in the manufacturing chain recently have been filled by emerging companies in the country, he added, making room for better possibilities.

Ramos also discussed the similarities between processes in the aerospace and automotive industries and highlighted HT-MX’s multi-industry approach. Ramos also addressed the different collaborative strategies that the company is implementing with FEMIA, commerce chambers and Chihuahua’s aerospace cluster. Read more here!

Airbus’s Flying Challenge Promotes Children’s Science Education

The Airbus Foundation announced the completion of the second phase of its “Flying Challenge,” a project that aims to inspire children through aerospace and aeronautics. The project focuses on youth development to empower young minds to properly face the challenges of tomorrow. In Mexico, the project was done in collaboration with the Ministry of Public Education (SEP) and the country is the second in Latin America that has joined this initiative. Read more here!

CANAERO Concerned About the Future of Mexican Airlines

Mexico could lose thousands of jobs and see several economic sectors hurt should local airlines go bankrupt, warned Luis Osorio, General Director of the National Air Transport Chamber (CANERO). Airlines and Mexico’s tourism sector have been greatly affected by lockdowns and international travel restrictions. Now, the goal is to create strategies to improve this. Read Osorio’s proposals here!

Aeroméxico Adopts "COVID-19" Travel Pass

The Mexican airline joined forces with the International Air Transport Association (IATA) to implement the latter’s Travel Pass, which will allow countries and airlines to have more accurate information regarding the health status of passengers and achieve higher safety standards. IATA’s Travel Pass verifies the user’s information to access data securely to ensure passengers meet sanitary requirements while simplifying the verification process. How will this impact Mexican tourism? Read more here!

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