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Collins Introduces Tech to Sanitize Airplane Cabins: Lilac-UV

By Sofía Hanna | Wed, 09/15/2021 - 13:24

The COVID-19 put the spotlight on airline’s sanitation methods as passengers feared catching the disease while flying. To address this matter, Collins Aerospace just introduced a new technology that aims to speed up cabin sanitation and make air travel easier.

During the pandemic, airlines strengthened their sanitization protocols to ensure airplane cabins remained COVID-19-free. Collins Aerospace announced through a press release, a new technology called Lilac-UV that “emits a slight violet light that disinfects surfaces in seconds to minutes, depending on lamp configuration and specific pathogen.” The technology can be used by flight crews to speedily sanitize airplane lavatories, galleys, cabins and decks.


UV light has been widely used to sterilize equipment at airplanes, hospitals, laboratories, chemical plants, factories and offices as all bacteria and viruses are susceptible to UV radiation. “The sanitizing light, combined with other hygienic measures taken onboard aircraft, gives added peace of mind and protection to passengers while also reducing aircraft downtime for manual cleaning.” Collins Aerospace explains that the new design can be easily installed in the cabin with minimal hardware changes.


This new technology is part of the aerospace company’s efforts to support the sector both in and out of its plants. Collins Aerospace has a plant in Mexicali that manufactures communications and entertainment systems. “Collins’ number one priority is to protect our employees and their community. Collins’ worked closely with the local and national industry sector, state governments and Mexico’s Ministries of Economy and Health to support the development of health and safety protocols that could be implemented across aerospace companies in the country,” said Bijan Latifzadeh, Director Global Strategic Sourcing of the Mexico Regional Office at Raytheon Technologies at Collins Aerospace, to MBN. 


Collins Aerospace’s new sanitizing technology can support the aviation industry as it recovers from the COVID-19 crisis. Australia, Brazil and Mexico have been growing after the lows of 2020. Mexico, specifically, had an 84 percent volume recovery in May and in August, this figure increased to 89 percent, as previously mentioned in MBN. However, airlines worldwide could suffer a loss of US$48 billion in 2021 because capacity remains at around two-thirds of its normal levels, according to flight intelligence firm OGA. The sector continues having difficulties recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic and is expected to keep dragging in airline capacity during the next two months.

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