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Consolidating Sinaloa as a Strategic Hub in Mexico

Germán Rivera - CIT Sinaloa
Executive Director


Sofía Hanna By Sofía Hanna | Journalist and Industry Analyst - Fri, 05/05/2023 - 11:44

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Q: What is the Center for Investment & Trade, CIT Sinaloa,  connection to Sinaloa's economic pillars and how does this benefit customers? 

A: CIT Sinaloa belongs to the Council for the Economic Development of Sinaloa, a group composed of both public officials and businessmen. Our agency is tasked with attracting investments and is supported by the council's long term policies. The main focus is on developing and enhancing the state's competitiveness to attract more investment. 

As part of the council, we have access to a public budget and are classified as civil servants. However, we operate under an agreement with the Ministry of Economy, allowing us to work with both the public and private sectors. This duality enables us to provide greater value to potential investors. We are committed to developing the strategic pillars of the state, which in turn leads to better-paying jobs and an improved quality of life for Sinaloa’s residents. I am responsible for developing investment plans that align with these pillars, such as those for manufacturing and logistics.

Q: How is the company aiding in the systematization and automation of the state's economic sectors? 

A: Systematization helps to attract firms that can provide efficient tools to key economic activities, resulting in higher profits and better-paying jobs. By making systematization a transversal activity in the state's economic sectors, it is possible to increase profitability through automation. The focus is on connecting these technologies with the state’s main economic activities to create a more profitable and efficient system.

Q: How does Sinaloa integrate transportation and industrial infrastructure to benefit customers? 

A: While all states claim to have an advantageous location, Sinaloa has further advantages. The state is located in the heart of Mexico's most developed regions, allowing us to deliver products to customers within a day. Sinaloa has also positioned itself as a provider of manufacturing processes capable of catering to clients of all sizes from anywhere in Mexico and the world. Additionally, our two ports are crucial parts of the manufacturing process. With one of the most important highways in the country and two railroads spanning the entire state, we have a comprehensive transportation network that ensures the efficient and timely delivery of goods, giving customers a competitive edge.

Q: What efforts are the agency and the state making to promote investment attraction?

A: There is fierce competition for investment among regions and countries. We have several lines of investment promotion. The first uses specialized databases to create tailored mailing chains to reach decision-makers in different companies. Second, we are trying to revamp Sinaloa’s image as a new and fresh destination for industrial logistics and other industrial activities. We are also trying to grow our presence in events. For example, we are planning to go to FAMEX this year to showcase our capabilities for the aerospace sector and attract more opportunities.

Q: Why is promoting Sinaloa as Mexico’s new logistics and energy platform important and what makes the state proficient in these areas? 

A: Sinaloa's two deep-sea ports, one connected to a railroad that reaches Texas and the other to the Mazatlan-Durango highway, make the state a strong candidate for distribution centers. By emphasizing these connections, we demonstrate our ability to serve as an intermediate point for companies' operations. 

Sinaloa also offers natural gas, an economical, clean and sustainable energy source. By attracting companies that use natural gas, we hope to move toward decarbonization. We have already attracted companies that use this energy source and are encouraging local companies to adopt it for both competitiveness and sustainability reasons.

Q: How is Sinaloa involved in the aerospace industry and how is it expanding its presence in this sector? 

A: Sinaloa has been building an auto parts industry for over 20 years, fostering a manufacturing culture in the state. With this foundation, we are now signaling our readiness to attract new businesses and establish ourselves as a strong manufacturing center, including in the aerospace sector. 

We have two major projects to strengthen our presence in the aerospace industry. The first is the MZT Aerospace Park, which includes a 3,000m runway that is under construction on 200ha of land. The runway is already being used for test flights. The other project is the arrival of the manufacturing shelter Tetakawi, which plans to build two facilities in the state as a start. We support companies with everything they need to enter the market quickly.


The Center for Investment and Trade (CIT) of Sinaloa is a specialized agency committed to facilitating business development in the northwestern state. It connects local businessmen with investors from around the world.

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