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Crises are Opportunities for Growth: Mankiewicz

By Sofía Garduño | Mon, 09/26/2022 - 08:56

Q: What aggregated value does Mankiewicz offer to the aerospace, automotive and industrial markets?

A: Mankiewicz offers the high technology solutions companies need to face the complex times all sectors are facing. Our cost-effective solutions allow clients to improve their processes and save. We offer tangible solutions that give our clients the opportunity to advance and grow despite difficult times. Through collaboration, all industries will be able to face any upcoming crisis.

Q: How have global supply chain problems affected your operations, considering the many markets you target?

A: We are at 97 percent of delivery compliance because we use a large number of imported materials, giving us a three-month margin that has allowed us to react to and anticipate all challenges. This has been possible thanks to the way we organize our logistics processes and because our integration of local production has surpassed 70 percent since we started operations. This, however, represents an excessive expense in stock that we had to absorb to avoid transferring it to our clients.

The recent crises have benefited us because of the market niches we serve and our experience in the regional market. Over the years, we have faced a variety of crises: 9/11, the subprime mortgage crisis and the COVID-19 pandemic. All of them have boosted our growth. During the pandemic, we focused on collecting payments instead of buying new supplies, doubling our cash flow. For that reason, our management team asked us to look for fixed-income investment models in Mexico, leading us to build a development center, buy new equipment, invest in employee development and hire more staff. These investments allowed Mankiewicz to increase its business opportunities in the automotive industry.

The largest test of resilience will be inflationary pressures and a possible global recession. But we are confident in our ability to deal with the upcoming challenges. 

Q: How has the company successfully innovated in sectors like healthcare?

A: Our health market in Mexico is small but we are major players globally. Our niche markets, such as automotive and aerospace, allowed us to invest in innovation. We developed coatings with antimicrobial effective additives for the aerospace sector two decades ago that are now in demand in the health sector. The innovation we achieved in the aerospace sector and the resources we built thanks to the high volumes required by the automotive sector put us in a privileged position in the health industry.

In Mexico, we are working to position ourselves in the health industry. Our products have been approved by large manufacturers of medical devices and we will be reaching  out to Medical Clusters and others to find leads.

Q: How has Mankiewicz maintained its position in the market?  

A: Our employees have made this possible. We attribute the progress of the company to our people, most of whom have been with us for 15 years so they possess business know-how. We retain our workforce by helping them align with our vision and by offering competitive salaries. Mankiewicz is attractive to our employees because we prioritize their happiness.

Those who make up this company are clear examples of Mexican talent. We always choose those who want to grow and contribute. We recently developed a project for interns and helped them hone their soft skills because universities in Mexico, especially public universities, are not preparing students in this area. This project seeks to train young professionals and some of them later join our workforce, proving that there is talent in Mexico but investment is necessary. Young people have brought new ideas and enthusiasm to the company.

Q: In what innovations is Mankiewicz currently investing?

A: We are planning a prototyping department that will foresee all benefits that our clients will gain from our services. We aim to simulate processes and improve our products through new technologies to offer all our benefits to complex industries. We are also reconverting formulas to use the raw materials we produce.


Mankiewicz has over 40 years of experience in the aerospace industry and is one of the world's leading providers of high-quality coating solutions for industrial series production for over 125 years.

Sofía Garduño Sofía Garduño Journalist & Industry Analyst