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Cybersecurity Essential to Aerospace SMEs

By Sofía Hanna | Mon, 08/02/2021 - 17:16

Q: Tecporio offers technological solutions like cybersecurity packages. Why is cybersecurity important in the aerospace sector?

A: All industries need more cybersecurity talent. Technology continues to advance at an accelerated pace, leading cyberattacks to increase so it is of the utmost importance that all sectors are ready. We have a diversified portfolio for the aerospace sector and, as part of the Aurospace Technology Cluster, we are trying to participate in the development of the first Mexican space program. Cybersecurity is essential to SMEs in the aerospace sector.


Q: Why is the company the first choice for technology adoption and acceleration?

A: We are introducing foreign technologies to Mexico and we offer a diversified portfolio that includes cybersecurity, education in innovative technologies and IoT training. At Tecporio, we believe foreign investment is extremely important and to increase the number of investors, it is necessary to generate an intelligent, economically stable market. We work within innovative ecosystems. The pandemic made the world more connected and we want to take advantage of this connectivity to increase the country’s technological and innovative capacity. 


Q: What are the advantages of operating in Baja California?

A: Because of our proximity to the US, we were able to grow our capabilities for security intelligence. Tecporio’s cybersecurity partners are now recognized by Interpol and other intelligence agencies. We are working with the Baja California Cluster to develop the Aerospace Technology Cluster, which is an initiative to help young people develop technological capabilities. 

We mainly help clients streamline their digital transformation, which is a process that requires time. We know how to incorporate new technologies and generate success. We want to demonstrate that technical innovation is not confined to an age or generation. We are also working on educational intelligence and artificial intelligence, despite the risks they represent. Our motivation is to compensate for Mexico’s lag in educational, cybersecurity and digital transformation. We are offering transformational technologies, which is a great challenge. 


Q: What challenges did the COVID-19 pandemic bring to the aerospace sector?

A: The pandemic limited our capability to meet other companies, hold events and discuss new opportunities for the sector. The industry had to adapt to numerous changes to prevent contagion but these same changes have led its technological transformation. Technology made it possible to ensure that the meetings were held and that the sector continued to move forward. We must use these new tools to our advantage to complement what has been achieved so far. We need to take the sector's problems and turn them into opportunities.


Q: What technologies will become essential for Mexico’s aerospace sector?

A: Airports must undergo a digital transformation. It is no longer enough to continue providing the same service; the sector cannot think that the industry has not changed. It is necessary to keep track of what happens within the facilities, improve sanitation and provide better services. Airplanes will also have to implement new technologies. While aircraft are very safe and have remained almost the same for many years, there are many changes in the industry and there are new possibilities for both aircraft and passengers. Finally, the country will see more drones and rocket boosters.


Q: How much of a priority is it to implement technological changes in the aerospace industry after the difficulties of the pandemic?

A: Technological change continues to be a priority, especially for countries interested in keeping up with the aerospace industry. Mexico at the moment is the right hand that supports countries like the US or the EU by providing human capital. Every country faces different challenges and Mexico must stop being just a manufacturing arm and become the go-to place for developing complex aerospace projects. At Grupo Tecporio, we understand the importance of developing tools, such as corporate intelligence, that allow human and technological talent to improve. 


Tecporio offers technological solutions for institutions, companies and NGOs. It provides access to exponential technologies to create cities that are resilient and prepared to overcome global challenges.

Sofía Hanna Sofía Hanna Junior Journalist and Industry Analyst