Digital Kiosks to Improve Mexican Airports
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Digital Kiosks to Improve Mexican Airports

Photo by:   Image by skitterphoto from Pixabay
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Emilio Aristegui By Emilio Aristegui | Junior Journalist and Industry Analyst - Thu, 11/25/2021 - 17:30

Mexican airports will install digital kiosks to facilitate customs processes for Mexican, US and Canadian passengers, as the increase in traffic continues to create delays and unpleasant experiences for flyers.

The Ministry of Government (SEGOB) explained via a press release that the airport groups operating in Mexico, the Mexico City International Airport (AICM) and the Federal Civil Aviation Agency (AFAC) will be coordinated by the Ministry of Infrastructure Communications and Transport (SICT) and the Ministry of Government’s National Institute of Migration (INM) in the development of the project.

“This agreement was taken during a meeting where officials of the three airport groups, Airports and Auxiliary Services (ASA), AICM, AFAC, STIC and the INM, analyzed the introduction of this technology, as migration managers cannot cope with the large number of travelers arriving during peak hours and because these systems are already available and reliable, their use will begin in the air terminals with passengers from the USMCA area,” reads the Ministry of Government’s press release.

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has encouraged the development of new technologies to improve efficiency for passengers, stating that the introduction of better systems is vital. In this vein, the association launch earlier this year the IATA Travel Pass, which allows the creation of digital COVID-19 passports and allows passengers to review the health regulations of their destination. The passports allow passengers to share their information biometrics, vaccination status, COVID-19 test results and documentation for international travel.

Mexico’s digital kiosk aim to create a zero-contact experience for passengers, further improving existing COVID-19 protocols in Mexican airports. Aerospace technology specialist SITA mentioned that the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the implementation of new and more efficient technology for passengers to reduce contact as much as possible during their travel.

“Airlines and airports had to incorporate new measures quickly, such as contactless processing of passengers and management of health information and the new protocols,” said David Laborel, CEO, SITA. The company explained that more airlines and airports are now seeking to invest in biometric technologies, automatic boarding gates for personnel identification and check-ins without physical contact.

Photo by:   Image by skitterphoto from Pixabay

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