Rafael Driendl
Country Manager Mexico

Dream Trip Just a Click Away

Fri, 12/01/2017 - 11:05

Mobile devices and traveling are becoming inseparable with time. Offering or integrating into a mobile application is a must for tourism companies because users want all the information at their fingertips so they can plan their trip almost entirely online, says Rafael Driendl, Country Manager Mexico at KAYAK.
The fare aggregator and travel metasearch engine operated by the Priceline Group has carved a niche with its user-friendly mobile website and app. Users need only specify the date they would like to travel, how many persons will travel and if they need a flight, hotel or even a vehicle. “We do not focus on sales, we focus on user experience and providing quality results in a cheap and fast way,” says Driendl. “We are also proud of providing international or local airlines and online travel agencies, as well as independent or big hotel chains, the opportunity to promote their services in more than 40 locales where KAYAK is available, generating more options to the users and spreading out travel content.”
Driendl says that KAYAK’s platform in Mexico is already stacked with providers and options for customers. The company aims to provide exactly what they want quickly and without fuss. The possibility of saving up to 30 percent is the company’s value proposition. “We want more Mexicans to understand how KAYAK can help them without selling anything. We are their travel counselor. Far from overwhelming people with information, we want them to find the one that matters to them, demonstrating why it is so popular in other places in the world.”
Since airlines now use Big Data to price tickets, the agencies catering to those buying them have started using the same tools. Trillions of daily calculations help transform Big Data into tangible revenue opportunities for airlines and for companies like KAYAK to offer exactly what passengers are looking for. The Innovation Enterprise says this data helps commercial airlines improve services but travel search engines can also notify anyone that signs up when it is cheapest to fly. To encourage potential travelers to return and buy when tickets are cheapest, KAYAK allows users to save flight alerts for a specific destination or date, or go even further with its Price Prediction Tool, which lets users know if it is the best moment to buy a ticket or to wait.
Another option for people who just want to travel on a budget but without any specific date is available through KAYAK’s Explore option, where users only choose the origin of the trip, their budget and the number of stops they are open to fly through. The website generates options around a date and compares the cheapest days to fly or make a reservation. Reviewing and checking hundreds of websites and thousands of hotels, the website accumulates the different prices so that passengers can compare options. This removes the need to visit many websites to find the best option within budget. After only two years in Mexico, KAYAK is already becoming a favorite for online trip planning because it is transparent with consumers who are tired of searching and not finding what they need, and also being misled by taxes and extras not always being included in the initial price, Driendl says.  
According to KAYAK’s Mobile Travel Report of 2017, the dollar’s gains on the peso affected Mexicans specifically in terms of trip destinations. Driendl says that Mexicans are traveling much more inside the country and that about 40 percent of the searches for vacations are to places like Cancun and Mexico City. For business trips, Mexico City, Monterrey, Guadalajara and Tijuana are growing, according to KAYAK. The company also noted that the average price of the most expensive domestic and international flights from Mexico cost MX$14,245 (US$754) and MX$29,722 (US$1,574), respectively.