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Embracing Digital, Hybrid Leads to Optimism for Success

Roberto Corral - Innocentro


Sofía Hanna By Sofía Hanna | Journalist and Industry Analyst - Mon, 04/11/2022 - 10:48

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Q: What was the company's strategy during the pandemic to go from surviving to thriving?

 A: The pandemic brought many changes to the sector, including digitalization. Before the pandemic, we had started to embrace digitalization but we had to become fully digital so our operations could continue. This meant changing the way we did our paperwork, handled day-to-day operations and even how we maintained relationships with customers.


We had to evolve, which was difficult because the entire industry stopped, many lost their jobs and companies started to shut down. While we tried to avoid reducing our workforce, we lost some employees. To keep the company working, we reached out to entrepreneurs to gain new capabilities that boosted our operations. Now, we are back and we are ready to succeed. 2022 will be a recovery year and our expectations are optimistic.


Q: How did Innocentro change the way daily operations were managed and the way talent was handled? 

 A: Innocentro became a hybrid company, allowing us to have a broader reach as we developed new ways of keeping in touch with employees. Becoming a hybrid company helped our team stay motivated and continue posting brilliant results. We thought that if the company helped its employees work better from home, this work model could turn into an asset.


We monitor our employees’ activities and measure the time they spend on their tasks, which is essential information for the company. This work model has also helped us save money. Instead of spending funds to lease office space, we acquired new software to further improve our remote work capabilities.


During the pandemic, we learned that the future will be built by fewer people doing great work.


Q: What are your expectations for the aerospace industry in Mexico for 2022?

 A: The industry will continue recovering this year but the Russia-Ukraine war has brought uncertainty to the aerospace sector, leading us to reconfigure our strategy once again. Sectors that need fuel to operate will have to be much more creative, which is likely to accelerate the penetration of clean energy technologies. Businesses will need to prioritize efficiency in all parts of the company.


Large companies are starting to come together again and want to sell and grow, especially as many smaller companies disappear. With the growing uncertainty, large companies are working together to get ahead.


Q: What changes have aerospace companies implemented, considering that the industry is focusing on passenger comfort and safety?

 A: Airlines want to ensure passengers are comfortable but this is at odds with the need to get the most out of each flight. At this time, it is more important to generate revenue since the aviation industry was on hiatus for a year and a half.


Airlines will continue to focus on generating income. They will continue prioritizing safety and hygiene but in terms of comfort and space there will not be major changes.


Q: What are Innocentro’s plans for 2022?

 A: We will no longer manufacture only for aerospace because we want to enter the automotive, energy and machining sectors. The goal is to migrate and diversify our services since nothing limits us. The decision was taken because there are few clients in the aerospace sector so diversifying will help us avoid pauses similar to that which we experienced during the pandemic.

We will also continue our digitization process and expand our workforce.


Innocentro is a manufacturing and engineering company with extensive experience in aircraft interior equipment. The company has furnished Mexican airlines and supported OEMs with interior cabin equipment solutions since 2002.

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