FAMEX 2023 will have France as the Guest of Honor
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FAMEX 2023 will have France as the Guest of Honor

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Sofía Garduño By Sofía Garduño | Journalist & Industry Analyst - Thu, 04/28/2022 - 09:16

Considering the challenging environment Mexico’s aerospace sector faces, the Mexican Aerospace Fair (FAMEX)aims to support Mexico’s economic development through the aerospace sector, attract Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), generate jobs and train future employees. This world-class aeronautical, security and defense event is organized by SEDENA through the Mexican Air Force and supported by the three levels of government, as well as public, private, academic and business organizations.


"FAMEX is supporting the continued advance of Mexico's aerospace and adjacent industries by connecting companies, talent and providing a space for them to showcase their projects and services," said General Javier Sandoval Dueñas, President, FAMEX


FAMEX is an important actor in the development of the local aerospace sector and is a member of the Mexican Federation of the Aerospace Industry (FEMIA), the Mexican Council of Aerospace Education (COMEA), the Consulting Council of the Aerospace Industry of the Ministry of Economy (CCIA) and the College of Mexican Aerospace Engineers (CIMA).


The event’s main objectives are to preserve and guarantee national and internal security and to strengthen the Mexican Army and Air Force, according to the National Defense Sectorial Program 2020-2024. FAMEX also aims to position itself as the main promoter of the aerospace industry in Latin America, supporting economic development, FDI attraction and academic and defense investment. Moreover, FAMEX seeks to reinforce military-civilian relationships through communication, transparency and respect and increase civilian thrust in Mexico’s Armed Forces.


FAMEX was created in 2014. At the time, the Consultative Council of the Aerospace Industry did not exist, FEMIA had just over 40 members and COMEA did not have the proper promotion. Consequently, SEDENA ought to organize FAMEX on its own. In the 2015 edition, FAMEX had less companies participating than the fairs of Chile and Brazil. In 2017, FAMEX surpassed Brazil in expositors and in 2019 it surpassed Chile and was recognized as the most important aerospace fair in Latin America.


In 2018, the event improved thanks to the interest of the current administration in promoting the sector. Owing to this, FAMEX 2021 attracted 317 companies, 129,800 attendants and 47 countries, with France as the guest of honor. The event also hosted 4,200 B2B meetings and 62 exhibition aircraft. On the other hand, Brazil and Chile canceled their aerospace fairs that year. "Maintaining and advancing FAMEX's objectives despite the detrimental disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic speaks to the potential and expected growth of Mexico's aerospace sector," said General Sandoval


For the 2023 edition, FAMEX will offer cultural events, networking cocktails, aerospace shows and inaugural and closure ceremonies. It will also include a digital platform for enterprises to have B2B networking opportunities. Seminaries and forums will be offered. The upcoming FAMEX event will be held in the new Santa Lucia’s facilities with six exposition pavilions for the aeronautics, aerospace, defense, 4.0 Industry and education sectors. The participation of academia has been essential for the Mexican industry, generating excellent up-to-date academic programs that serve the changing needs of the industry. FAMEX also aims to be a platform where young researchers can promote their projects.


“For 2023, FAMEX aims to innovate in several areas of opportunity. Regarding academia, for example, we want to strengthen the participation of public and private national and international universities,” said General Sandoval.


During FAMEX 2023, the space sector will take a more prominent role compared with prior editions. Space agencies from Mexico, France and the US are interested in meeting to exchange experiences and update collaboration agreements at governmental levels. Moreover, France recognizes the quality of Mexican talent and dares to design and manufacture key original equipment parts in the Latin American country. France is Mexico’s main aerospace investor and has an important impact in the country’s economy and job creation. The guest of honor modality started in the 2019 edition with Canada, while in 2021, the US was the guest of honor, as reported by MBN.  

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