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FAMEX Preparing for Fifth Edition

By Javier Sandoval - FAMEX


By Javier Sandoval | President - Thu, 10/20/2022 - 15:00

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Organized by the Ministry of National Defense (SEDENA), through the Mexican Air  Force, the Aerospace Fair Mexico  (FAMEX) was born as a broad vision by SEDENA to support the economic development of our country within the framework of the  celebrations of the Centennial of the Mexican Air Force. It was an initiative to bring  together the leaders of the aviation industry, in order to favor commercial exchange and boost the growth of the Mexican aerospace sector. 

Since its first edition, FAMEX has been based at the Military Air Base No. 1, in St. Lucia,  State of Mexico, due to its  proximity to Mexico City, in addition to having the necessary infrastructure to host an event of international prominence. With this event, SEDENA, consolidates its leadership by promoting the economic development of Mexico, promoting direct foreign investment and creating jobs, thus embodying the vocation of the Armed Forces to serve Mexico and reaffirming the Ministry of Economy’s goals in the Pro Air 2.0, FAMEX supports the federal government and the Sector.  

The Aerospace Fair Mexico has stood out for having unique activities, such as The  Foreign Investment Seminar, Aerospace Education Forum, Technical Conference Cycle, Aerospace Summit, B2B business meetings, aircraft demonstration flights and a static exhibition. Due to its dynamism and the great reception for FAMEX, events have been added, including the Seminar on Migration to the Aerospace Industry,  the Summit of Rectors and the Congress of Women Leaders of the Aeronautical Society and Industry as well as the Aviation Safety Meeting organized by the College of Aviator Pilots of Mexico, among other activities that take place inside and outside the exhibitors' pavilions. 

Famex Development 2015-2021 

Since its first edition in 2015, the Aerospace Fair Mexico, has been the most important event in  Mexico in the aerospace sector. Since that year, FAMEX has had the participation of different companies in the nautical aero sector. For FAMEX-2019, the first Guest  Country of Honor was awarded to Canada. It attracted  the largest number of invited companies — 635, compared to the first Edition that had the participation of just 240 companies from 16 countries. The four editions of FAMEX were held in 2015, 2017, 2019 and  2021, the latter being held during the recovery from the sequelae of the pandemic  caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Despite having been carried out during the pandemic, FAMEX-2021 saw the participation of 317 companies and 31,800  attendees specialized in the sector, in addition to 98,000 attendees from the general public, with the US being the Guest Country of Honor. 

The event has also been assisted by the most important aeronautical and aerospace companies  in the world. These include Airbus, Bombardier, Honeywell, Safran, Bell Helicopter, Dassault  Systems, Embraer, Decsef, Hydra Technologies, Hemaq and General Electric Aviation and Safran, as well as the Tiers 1, 2 and 3 supply chains. The event is inaugurated by the president of Mexico together with his expanded cabinet as well as special guests, such as ambassadors, governors, defense ministers , CEOs and logistics chiefs. public guests specialized in the sector also attend. 

For the fifth edition, FAMEX-2023, the guest of honor will be France (partner  country), which has been an important strategic ally for Mexico in the aerospace sector. The country was the first  employer from the aeronautical sector in Mexico, creating one in four jobs in this sector nationwide. The fifth edition is expected to surpass the results of FAMEX-2019, presenting  companies, the academic sector and visitors specialized in the industry with new opportunities to interact with the aerospace sector. 

FAMEX Promotional Activities 

As part of its promotional efforts, the Ministry of National Defense authorized myself, as  President of the Organizing Committee, along with a work  team, to attend national and international events in the aerospace, security and defense industries, among which are: 

The International Fair of Defense and Security (Feria Internacional de Defensa y  Seguridad, or FEINDEF) in Madrid, Spain; The International Fair of Air and Space (Feria  Internacional Del Aire y del Espacio, or FIDAE) in Santiago, Chile; and The Summit of  Aerospace Business California-Mexico (Cumbre de Negocios Aeroespaciales California-México) in the offices of the Mexican Consulate in Los Angeles,  California. We also attended HANNOVER MESSE 2022, a leading knowledge and networking platform for the manufacturing, energy and logistics, artificial intelligence, robotics and automation technology industries, and a month later, in June, we were at the ILA International Aerospace Exhibition, Berlin Air Show, the most important fair for the aerospace industry in Germany, Farnborough International  Airshow (FIA) in the United Kingdom, where the participation of the FAMEX-2023 Committee was carried out within the Pavilion of Mexico, which was organized by the Mexican Federation of the Aerospace Industry (FEMIA ). 

The delegation I headed aimed to provide information and attract interested companies linked to the field of aeronautics. Likewise, the  Committee attended the Security Expo in Mexico City and the International Aviation  Congress (CIAM) in Cancun, which were held in June of this year. Also, last September we attended the Aerospace Conference in Queretaro. Others are scheduled to attend the Indo Aerospace Expo & Forum from Nov. 2 to 5 in Jakarta, Indonesia. 

FAMEX is considered the most important aeronautical fair in our country and in Latin America, thanks to its excellent results. Therefore, the Minister of National  Defense ordered that FAMEX be considered in the White Paper and in the SEDENA 2030 program, recognizing the great contribution that FAMEX has made to the country. Likewise, the event is aligned with the UN’s 2030 agenda for sustainable development  by meeting five of the 17 objectives established by this organization: 

• End poverty 

• Quality education 

• Affordable and non-polluting energy 

• Decent work and economic growth 

• Industry, innovation and infrastructure 

In this way, FAMEX has become the main catalyst of the aerospace industry in our country, implementing the four economic propellers (government, industry, academia and promotion). 

We are waiting for you from April 26 to 29, 2023 at Military Air Base No. 1 in Santa Lucia, State of Mexico. Don't miss it!

Photo by:   Javier Sandoval

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