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FAMEX as a Promoter of Mexico’s Aerospace Industry

Thu, 12/06/2018 - 11:14

The Aerospace Fair of Mexico (FAMEX) provides a key space to promote trade and growth of the national aerospace industry in Mexico and abroad, explained Wing Gen. Rodolfo Rodríguez, President of FAMEX in his presentation at Mexico Aerospace Forum 2018 this Wednesday at the Hotel Sheraton María Isabel in Mexico City. “It is the biggest aeronautical event in Mexico and one of the biggest in Latin America. It is a key event to support Mexico’s growing opportunities in the sector,” he said.

Mexico’s general overview positions the country as a strong regional and global economic player, as well as a top player in the aerospace sector. “Mexico is the 15th global economy, the second strongest economy in Latin America and in third place worldwide in investment attractiveness for the aerospace sector,” shared Rodríguez.

To further boost the development of the aerospace industry, FAMEX has a wide range of activities, events and collaboration among different actors to promote holistic development of the sector in Mexico. “FAMEX encourages FDI in our country and academic conferences to promote the training of personnel working in the field of aeronautics,” he said. “It also promotes business opportunities through key events where big companies and SMEs can benefit from this.”

Given the changes that Mexico has experienced in recent months, Rodríguez in the name of FAMEX invited the attendees to participate in the upcoming FAMEX 2019 event that will take place from Apr. 24-27, 2019 at the Santa Lucia Military Air Base. “FAMEX-19 will be the new federal government’s first official event where aerospace companies from Mexico and abroad can show the next administration why it is important to continue investing in the aerospace sector,” he continued.

Rodríguez shared with the audience the importance of continued promotion of the collaboration between public and private players in the industry. “The efforts between different actors in the aerospace sector, both public and private have been key to its continuous growth,” he added. “We are proud of the broad participation of MROs, OEMs, the government and other players through tax incentives, investment programs and international promotion.”

To conclude, Rodríguez shared with the audience that the growth expectations for the aerospace sector are positive and the government recognizes its importance to promote the economic growth of the country. “In the global economy up to 2050, Mexico is projected to become the 7th strongest country in the world,” he said. This importance is mirrored in the Ministry of Economy’s proposal to attract 90 new aeronautics companies by 2025 for a total of 420. “Exports are predicted to exceed US$12 trillion and Mexico will rank in 10th position in aeronautic production worldwide,” he said.