FAMEX Revamps Vision, Keeps Close to Its Roots
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FAMEX Revamps Vision, Keeps Close to Its Roots

Photo by:   FAMEX
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Gen. Cesar Tapia Jiménez - FAMEX


Q: What benefits will the Mexican Aerospace Fair (FAMEX) derive from host Queretaro?

A: Queretaro is a natural choice for the aerospace sector in Mexico and has a very important aerospace cluster. The local government also demonstrated significant initiative to host the event. One great advantage is that the state government is investing to develop a platform for FAMEX to be an established event. At the end of the day, it all comes down to political will backed up by financial resources. FAMEX can be held anywhere but we always weigh the advantages that each location offers.

The event will be held in facilities that have subway cabling for the pavilions, expanded taxiways and a platform for more aircraft. This whole project is being implemented alongside the most important clusters in the state. Queretaro Intercontinental Airport has been and continues to be transformed as it becomes FAMEX’s permanent home. 


Q: What opportunities are opening up for suppliers in the aerospace sector as the industry recovers from the pandemic?

A: Our motto is that every crisis generates opportunities. When the pandemic hit, many aerospace suppliers had to diversify and started producing face masks, neck braces and other items needed at the time to weather the crisis financially. It is not necessary for a company to completely change industries to weather a crisis but it is necessary to identify new opportunities for diversification.

Aerospace is always at the cutting edge of technology. As soon as a new technology is born, its first application is usually found in aviation or space. In the last few years, we have seen the accelerated development of robots and drones and at FAMEX, these types of technologies are going to have an increasing presence. The desire we have as aviators is to get into a machine and fly but that seems to be in the past; technology is leading us to unmanned aircraft. At FAMEX, for example, one of the exhibitors will present its Command and Control Center, which is a mobile truck for controlling unmanned aircraft. 

Q: How will FAMEX 2021 support the attraction of more projects and investment to Mexico in the aerospace industry and others?

A: Over the years, FAMEX has developed its own personality. Over time, we have become more inclusive and the next edition will host an average of 600 businesses from 39 countries. Mexico welcomes all those who are looking for opportunities to offer their services. FAMEX also encourages all its attendees to get to know Mexico. We have a partnership with the Ministry of Tourism, which will have an exclusive pavilion at FAMEX.

Prior to the end of an aerospace show, countries apply to be co-hosts to help to make the event a success and increase their participation. The fact that the US will be our co-host for 2021 is great news. The juncture, however, will be a great challenge. The pandemic undoubtedly continues to pose challenges. The US feels a responsibility to support Mexico through FAMEX but the timing is holding us back quite a bit.


Q: What actions have you taken to strengthen relationships with current and potential investors?

A: FAMEX is raising awareness of Mexico’s aerospace industry. We achieve this through the triple helix alliance between the business sector, government and academia that focuses on the development of the industry and R&D. These three actors together have the capacity to change how things are developed. FAMEX has these three axes within its structure. 

The aerospace sector in Mexico and FAMEX are developing their unique identities. The country has an excellent geographical position and close proximity to the US, which has attracted many investors to Mexico.


Q: As the new president of FAMEX, what are your priorities for the fair and what are your expectations regarding Mexico’s role in this industry?

A: As President of FAMEX, I strive to honor the memory of the late Maj. Gen. Rodolfo Rodriguez Quezada. He was a great warrior and we recognize him as such. He started this event and we will honor his memory by working with enthusiasm and initiative. FAMEX’s priorities are to transform into an intelligent organization that believes in continuous improvement of its processes.

Another priority is to hold intermediate events. FAMEX has a structure that allows it to hold different events aside from the main one without interfering with other fairs in other countries.

Photo by:   FAMEX

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