Juan José Simón
Business Development and Innovation Manager

FBO Expands, Renovates to Boost Client Base

Fri, 12/01/2017 - 09:14

Location, location, location. That old real estate adage is also a key selling point when it comes to attracting and retaining clients in the private aviation segment, says Juan José Simón, Operations Manager at Servicios Aéreos Estrella (SAE).
“SAE provides a great location at Toluca International Airport (AIT). We have the largest FBO in Mexico and can accommodate up to six simultaneous dispatches for all sizes of business aircraft. Our hangar is the closest to the airport’s immigration offices and authorities, which greatly facilitate expediting incoming and outgoing international flights,” says Simón. SAE, which offers FBO, air taxi and maintenance among its services, expects to take advantage of its optimal location to attract more foreign customers. On average, the company performs 40 daily operations, although it has executed as many as 80 operations per day depending on the season and on the client's needs.  SAE’s fleet includes a Learjet 31, Learjet 60 and two Twin Commanders. Its latest acquisition, a Challenger 601, can accommodate 12 passengers. Its diverse fleet allows SAE to provide tailored air taxi services to suit the needs of a variety of client profiles. To this end, SAE invested in a new pilot zone as part of a wider renovation, which Simón expects will make the FBO more attractive to pilots. The new center will offer many amenities, including a new cafeteria, lounge, passenger area and more private offices.
With an eye to future growth, SAE is focusing on exceeding customer expectations and attracting a new portfolio of clients, both domestic and international. “Our main strategy is innovation in all the services we provide, striving for consistent customer satisfaction. We are keeping a strong eye on changing market dynamics, so we can take proactive actions.”