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Felipe Angeles International Airport Hosts 2021 FAMEX

By Emilio Aristegui | Mon, 09/27/2021 - 10:21

This week, Mexico celebrated the third edition of the Aerospace Fair Mexico (FAMEX). The event, considered “the most important aeronautical event in Latin America,” aims to strengthen the local industry and position Mexico as one of the top aerospace suppliers worldwide, reads FAMEX’s website.  

“Mexico has become one of the main centers of the aeronautical sector in Latin America and the world, a leader in manufacturing every phase of the industry, from design, engineering and assembly to reconversion, maintenance and recycling,” FAMEX explains on its website. FAMEX assembles the most important companies and actors of the aerospace industry in Mexico and is considered as the biggest aerospace event of the year in Latin America.

Mexico’s aerospace industry has grown exponentially as reported by the Mexican Federation of the Aerospace Industry (FEMIA). “It is the most dynamic industry in the country with a reported 14 percent sustained growth throughout the last 15 years.” FEMIA highlights that Mexico has numerous strengths that will allow it to become a relevant hub for the aerospace sector globally. “The aerospace industry has around 60,000 registered employees throughout 19 states in Mexico, it involves around 350 different industries nationally and is ranked number 12 worldwide.”

Guests at this year’s FAMEX included different companies, governments and entities, which can be seen in the exposition section of FAMEX’s website. The event registered 635 exhibitors, 210 delegations, 5 pavilions, 21 chalets, 288 national and international journalism teams, 5,800 B2B meetings, 50 universities and an estimated 233,000 people from the general public.

This year’s guest of honor was the US as stated by a FAMEX press release: “The US covers 49 percent of the global aerospace industry, which represents US$408.4 billion. PwC ranked the US as the most attractive aerospace manufacturing market with US$240 billion in sales, due to company size, workforce and low economic risk.” FAMEX highlighted that the US is a first world economic power with macroeconomic stability and has participated in FAMEX on 2017 and 2019.

FAMEX was originally set to be in Queretaro Intercontinental Airport but the state government indefinitely paused the event due to safety concerns regarding the growing number of COVID-19 cases in the state, as reflected in its epidemiological stoplight. FAMEX organizers moved back the event to its original location: the Santa Lucia Military base, from where it was moved due to the construction of Felipe Angeles International Airport. Some argue that the decision was based in a desire to showcase the development of Felipe Angeles International Airport, which aims to be a new hub for the Mexico City Metropolitan Area.

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