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Flying Into 2021

By Jorge Ramos Zwanziger | Thu, 01/07/2021 - 17:14

This week, we report on the efforts made by Airbus and Rolls Royce in sustainability, looking for ways to cut CO2 emissions. Also, Aeroméxico reports significant recovery in passenger transportation. However, it is also having problems with investors and employees.


In other news, US airports near the Washington D.C. area increase security after Wednesday’s events in the Capitol.


This and more in your weekly aerospace roundup!


Airbus, Rolls Royce Moving Toward Sustainability


Rolls Royce and Airbus are two companies with sustainable projects that aim to revolutionize the environmental impact of the aerospace industry. Airbus has presented a new environmental venture called “Airbus ZEROe” with three different prototypes to reduce CO2 emissions.

Rolls Royce is launching a project called “ACCEL” that focuses on creating the fastest all-electric aircraft. The company plans to launch a battery that can provide electric energy to aircraft. Travel restrictions have allowed more companies to research a maximum level of sustainability.


Aeroméxico Exceeds 1 Million Passengers

In December 2020, Aeroméxico surpassed 1 million transported passengers for the first time since March. It is a growth of 20.5 percent in comparison to November 2020. Aeroméxico reports reactivation of many routes such as Mexico-Cancun, and many other national routes including Guadalajara, Monterrey and Tijuana.

Aeromexico’s Reorganization: Losing to Win

The pandemic hit the Mexican airplane company hard. The company’s concerning red numbers in 2018 and 2019 became extremely worrying after 2020 arrived. The airline is now going through a ‘healing process’ where it needs to negotiate with different unions: ASPA for pilots, ASSA and STIA for flight attendants and INDEPENDENCIA for land staff. 


US Airlines, Airports Tighten Security in D.C. Area After Unrest

After yesterday’s events at the US Capitol, many US airlines have increased security at the D.C. area airports. The disruption caused the death of four people and there are concerns for the safety of citizens, due to future disruptions and the risk of COVID-19 spreading.

Amazon Makes First Direct Aircraft Purchases

Following the surge in demand for e-commerce, Amazon is investing in the expansion of its air transport network. The move started a few years ago to compete with giants like UPS and FedEx Express. Now, the company has 66 airplanes to strengthen its logistics network.

Arriving Into Canada by Air Requires Negative COVID-19 Test Result

The Canadian government is implementing stricter measures to control COVID-19 after vaccination in the country began. Now, tourists will have to submit evidence of negative COVID-19 tests, taken 72 hours prior to the scheduled departure.

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Jorge Ramos Zwanziger Jorge Ramos Zwanziger Junior Journalist and Industry Analyst