Glass Leader Diversifies into MRO Services
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Glass Leader Diversifies into MRO Services

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José Carrera - Aerovitro
Director General


Q: How has Aerovitro evolved to adapt to the changing business climate over the past years?

A: Vitro was founded in 1909 but Aerovitro did not officially come into being until 1990. Still, our relationship with the aviation industry stretches back to 1966, the first time an airplane was registered under the company’s name. Recently economic conditions affected our operations so we realized that we could offer more benefits if we specialized in maintenance, leading to the decision to drop our air taxi services. Investing in training and installations to become an MRO became our priority.

Our MRO services began because we perceived numerous enterprises in the state in need of a reliable workshop that could provide maintenance for their airplanes. It was an opportunity for us to work toward becoming certified by the DGAC and by the FAA. Since receiving these certifications, our abilities have increased. Today, we are an authorized service facility for Bombardier, a service center for Daher and Quest Aircraft and a Honeywell warranty service center. We represent Rockwell Collins for installations and modifications and Artex as a programming and battery replacement center. We have been growing every year as we gradually become more specialized through certifications.

Q: How has Aerovitro diversified its services offering?

A: Aerovitro offers several services to different clients, all of whom are extremely important to us. However, our alliance with Bombardier is the biggest business contract we manage and it is definitely our biggest client. We provide maintenance services for their Learjet and Challenger units.

The rest of our business is diversified through different areas of expertise. In avionics, we mostly work with Honeywell and Collins, whereas our maintenance services for Daher and Quest are focused on their turboprops. The OEMs that work with us like the fact that most of our suppliers are their own manufacturers, ensuring the quality of all the parts we use. OEMs and influential companies make up an important part of our business but we also provide services for smaller enterprises.

Our diverse clientele is a product of our competitiveness. All our prices are in Mexican pesos rather than US dollars, which makes the current exchange rate a positive for our business and our clients. We provide quality services with honest and transparent practices and fair prices.

Q: What are the advantages of being established in Monterrey rather than in Toluca?

A: Monterrey is the third biggest city in the country and the Del Norte International Airport (ADN) has the second most executive aviation activity. Monterrey always has been characterized by its industrial profile, being the first place companies think about when they think of industry in Mexico. The biggest educational centers in the country also are in Monterrey. Therefore, the combination of its industrial profile with an excellent educational offering makes Monterrey the best option for doing business.

Promoting Monterrey’s image as a center for executive aviation is crucial. The security-related issues we have faced in the past have not constrained our growth but it is necessary to improve the city’s image in media. The aero cluster is a good first step for promoting our image and several OEMs working in the state are helping us to boost Monterrey’s industrial reputation.

Q: What are Aerovitro’s short-term expectations considering the rapid growth of the industry in the city?

A: Our plans include opening our brand to the international market as our next step and we are focusing on attracting clients from the southern US, Central and South America. Promotion is a short-term goal but in the future we would like to jump into commercial aviation in collaboration with OEMs.

Expanding our clientele is our goal although we are not yet diversifying our business to the rest of the country. Executive aviation will continue growing and consolidating and as key players in the segment we will help this continue, focusing on innovating within the Nuevo Leon cluster. Monterrey’s workforce is honest and hardworking and that will ensure this industry thrives.

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