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The Goal is Simple: Generate Growth

By Jorge Ramos Zwanziger | Thu, 07/29/2021 - 16:36

This week, Eugenio Marin, CEO of FUMEC, discussed growth strategies for Mexican SMEs, Nora Guerra, President of Omni-X, explained the company’s goals after the pandemic and Gabriel Morales, General Director at Safran Electrical & Power, talked about the company’s experience in Chihuahua and its plans to be even more competitive.

Also, how has the safety downgrade affected Mexican airlines?

Buckle up! This and more in your weekly aerospace roundup!



A Diverse Aerospace Portfolio to Help SMEs: Eugenio Marín, CEO of FUMEC

The non-profit NGO aims to support the design and promotion of high-impact programs aimed at developing value ecosystems for different regions and sectors that interest both the US and Mexico. In Mexico, it also helps SMEs as they generate 85 percent of employment in the country. FUMEC has aligned itself with some of the biggest aeroclusters in Mexico and has collaborated in programs to generate more development in the country. Read more here!

Queretaro Remains Strong: Omni-X: Nora Guerra, President of Omni-X

Guerra explained the strengths of operating in Queretaro, a state that brings great opportunities for companies in the industrial sector thanks to its strategic location. She also explained what is it like to lead a company in a male-dominated field. Guerra also explained the strategies Omni-X implemented to encourage the growth of its employees. As future opportunities come to the aerospace sector, the company is implementing new growth strategies. Read more of Guerra’s insight here!

Chihuahua: Capital of the World for Electrical Wiring: Gabriel Morales, General Director at Safran Electrical & Power

Morales addressed the impact the plant in Chihuahua had in Safran’s operations and the opportunities the company has found in the region. Morales highlighted the importance of improving the company’s supply chain management to deliver components more efficiently. The pandemic did have an impact on the company, but it served as an opportunity for Safran to address future strategies and find collaborative efforts in projects with OEMs in the sector, explained Morales. Read more of the company’s strategies here!

Downgrade In Safety Rating Limits Mexican Airlines

The downgrade of Mexico’s air space by the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is beginning to affect Mexican airlines, with Viva Aerobus reporting that two planned routes to the US have been blocked by the FAA. Just before the downgrade, the company had announced two routes to Austin, Texas, starting in June. Since the downgrade was announced in late May, the FAA did not allow the routes to operate. Has the downgrade become an obstacle for growth in Mexico? Read more here!

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