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LATAM Airlines Forecasts Clear Skies

Diana Olivares - LATAM Airlines
General Manager Mexico


Sofía Hanna By Sofía Hanna | Journalist and Industry Analyst - Tue, 01/25/2022 - 12:53

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Q: How can LATAM provide the best experience to passengers under the global health restrictions?

A: We care for passengers at all times by using technology and security. We prioritize safety from the moment passengers book a flight until they arrive at their destination. LATAM Airlines fully complies with the sanitary recommendations of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and the World Health Organization (WHO), so passengers can feel safe. Thanks to all these precautions, we have been recognized by APEX Health Safety and Skytrax.


Q: How does a good digital experience contribute to passenger satisfaction?

A: Before COVID-19, the world was already embracing technology. When the pandemic arrived, we had to pause several flights but we used that time to redefine and improve processes and protocols using technology. We have made our digital services automatic so the passenger has control at each step of their flight and feels cared for, yet independent and autonomous.


Q: What added value do users get from tools like LATAM Wallet?

A: The main value proposition of the Wallet is self-management, which gives passengers control over their trips, avoiding the need to contact the call center if there is a contingency. We implemented this tool to help passengers save time by reducing bureaucracy. The more direct the flight process, the more passengers prefer it. 


Q: How has being an airline with inclusive flights helped the company attract more clients?

A: Equity is extremely important for LATAM Airlines. For a program of this kind to be available to passengers, it has to become part of the airline’s DNA. There are many opportunities to improve inclusivity. For example, we started a training program to provide better service to clients with autism. We also have programs for seniors and for groups with disabilities, which account for how different the world is for everyone. 


Q: What are LATAM Airlines’ sustainability proposals and how has it already contributed to a much cleaner industry?

A: Sustainability is not a fashionable trend but a need. We are at the point of no return so the aviation industry is following all IATA recommendations. Our sustainability strategy follows four pillars: environmental management, climate change, circular economy and shared value. LATAM Airlines has several projects to reduce emissions and become carbon neutral by 2030. We are also supporting reuse, reduction and recycling projects in South America.


Q: What benefits will the new strategic alliance with Mastercard bring LATAM Airlines and its passengers? 

A: These alliances are important for our digital strategy. We seek to expand the benefits we provide our clients. Through this alliance, we will offer the LATAM Pass MasterCard, launching it first in Chile, Argentina, Brazil and Ecuador. COVID-19 taught us that alliances are important for the care of customers. We will gradually evaluate expanding this service to other viable countries, including Mexico. 


Q: What plans do you have for LATAM Airlines in Mexico for 2022? 

A: The main plan is to recover. We have faced some challenging years but we have rebuilt 72 percent of what we had pre-COVID-19. We will test the measures implemented during the most difficult part of the quarantine and find a way to continue growing. In the case of Mexico, we will focus on tourism destinations, connecting the country with South America: 10 flights Mexico-Lima to the week, 7 flights Mexico-Sao Paulo, and 5 flights Mexico-Santiago de Chile all connected to more than 133 destinations in South America, and to Argentina from Santigo de Chile, Sao Paulo and Lima, more 14 flights Cancun-Lima, and Cancun-Santiago de Chile.


LATAM Airlines, headquartered in Chile, is Latin America’s largest airline, with major offices in Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru. It was created after the merger of South American airlines LAN and TAM.

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