Mexican Airlines Fail in On-Time Performance: Cirium
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Mexican Airlines Fail in On-Time Performance: Cirium

Photo by:   Image by garten-gg from Pixabay
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Emilio Aristegui By Emilio Aristegui | Junior Journalist and Industry Analyst - Tue, 05/30/2023 - 10:31

Aviation data and analytics firm Cirium presented its global airlines on-time performance monthly report for April 2023. No Mexican airlines were featured in the global or north American ranking. 

Cirium’s latest monthly report on airline performance ranked Iberia as the global leader in on-time performance (OTP) in the Global Airlines category, achieving an impressive rating of 87.28% and improving by 6% from March. Avianca ranked second with an OTP of 86.83%, followed by LATAM Airlines with an OTP of 85.80%. In North America, Delta Air Lines remained as the top carrier in the region with an OTP of 83.29%. It was followed by Alaska and American Airlines with OTPs of 82.02% and 78.95%, respectively, explained Cirium via its report. 

In Latin America, Copa Airlines stood out as the regional leader with an OTP of 93.26%, as Avianca and Azul Brazilian Airlines closely trailed behind with 86.83% and 86.38%, respectively. In the Low-Cost Carrier (LCC) category, Safair dominated with an OTP of 92.20%, followed by Solaseed and Norwegian Air Shuttle with OTPs of 89.69% and 87.15%, respectively.

The report also highlights the completion factor within block time and on-time arrivals and departures for each airline. Iberia leads with a completion factor of 99.31%, with 74.59% on-time arrivals and 87.16% on-time departures. The relative performance ranking showcases Iberia as the top performer, followed by Avianca and LATAM Airlines. 

In North America, Delta Airlines, Alaska Airlines and American Airlines were the best performers with completion factors and tracked flights above 98%.

“The data presented in this report derives from The Cirium Core, which holds information from over 2,000 sources. Cirium verifies and quality checks all the data as we process it. As a neutral partner in the industry, we rank airlines and airports from an independent position. It is our mission to accelerate the industry's digital transformation,” explains Cirium.

Iberia offers flights from Mexico City to Milan, Paris, Barcelona, Madrid, Geneva and Frankfurt, as shown on its website.

Photo by:   Image by garten-gg from Pixabay

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