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Mexico Aerospace Fair Is Getting Closer

By Javier Sandoval Dueñas - Famex


Fri, 05/05/2023 - 14:57

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The Mexican Aerospace Fair (FAMEX) is on everyone’s tongue these days, with the potential to attract new foreign direct investment, fomenting employment in the community, promoting the aerospace industry in Mexico, and increasing the number of civil and military aviation, technology, and defense products.

Organized by the Ministry of National Defense (SEDENA) through the Mexican Air Force, FAMX is the result of a strong state vision for promoting economic development in Mexico. Its objective is to assemble the leaders of the aviation industry to further commercial exchanges and drive the aerospace industry in Mexico.

This year, for the fifth edition, France will be our partner country. As is well- known, France is one of our strategic allies in aeronautical production and was the first employer in the aeronautical sector in Mexico.

“One in four employees in the industry came from French companies. We provide companies of different sizes all around the country: from PYMES to the big companies, and from different aeronautical clusters in Chihuahua, Sonora (Hermosillo and Ciudad Obregon), Queretaro, and in Baja California (Tijuana and Mexicali),” said Jean-Pierre Asvazadourian, France’s ambassador in Mexico.

“Our companies are very interested in the training and education of new talent, and that’s why we bet on the Mexican marketplace. In the same way, there has been development in different innovation centers and aeronautical development in collaboration with universities,” he added.

Likewise, Airbus highlighted in a call along with other members of the industry, they will present an award for the best Mexican student projects around sustainable energy solutions, while also strengthening ties with one of the biggest and most important universities in the country.

For this special edition of FAMEX, we’ll also have one of the most important French delegations, including Business France, The Public Investment France (BPI France), the French Aerospace Industries Association (GIFAS), and The Franco Mexican Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIFM). This delegation is composed of 25 aeronautical companies in manufacturing and aircraft maintenance, security, and energy efficiency.

With this delegation, it is important  to note the dynamism in the industry and its recovery after the sanitary crisis. Business France and BPIFrance are organizing the scheduled mission with a delegation that will visit Mexico City, Baja California, and Queretaro states, which are participants in the dynamism of the Mexican aerospace industry.

CCIFM will participate in France’s pavilion to promote French knowledge in Mexico. It groups more than 450 companies at the national level whose objective is to encourage the Mexican community and support the commercial development of French companies in Mexico.

Through its presence in FAMEX, CCIFM is accompanying companies with savoir-faire in different areas, such as services, technology, industry, and promoting the networking between the Mexican aeronautical ecosystem and the business community.

The aerospace industry in Mexico has been growing exponentially in the last 10 years, and has been recovering from the pandemic. As a result, Mexico has been a destination for foreign and national investment, given the high market demand  for the manufacturing of aircraft pieces, which is  considered the most important economic activity in the industry. The countries that have been investing in Mexico include the US, Canada, France, and Spain.

FAMEX is well-known for having activities that develop foreign direct investment, encourage knowledge sharing and training, as well as  specialized events, such as a seminar on foreign investments that is coordinated with the Ministry of Economy to introduce the incentives that the federal government and the state government offer to companies.

Besides those, we can also talk about The Congress of Women of the Aerospace Industry. It will offer a variety of panels where women with high impact in the industry will talk about their experience and their trajectory. Through these conferences, the experience of the women in the industry is going to stand out.

The Seminar regarding Migration to the Aerospace Industry will encourage interaction with the highest-level representatives, private institutions, government institutions, and industry associations. Its strategic design is for the companies in our own industry but also those in the automotive industry, plastics, metalworking, and electronics, among others. The objective is to incite others to acquire the certifications and meet the needs of the aerospace industry as providers.

We want to foment training and instruction of aeronautical staff through the Cycle of Technical Conferences and the Aerospace Education Forum. Regarding security issues, the College of Aviator Pilots of Mexico will host the Aviation Safety Meeting.

The Rectors’ Councils will feature many industry personalities, government officials, and leaders from both public and private universities. The purpose is to discuss the needs and opportunities for a solid future in the aerospace industry.

The fair will offer six pavilions, distinguished by the stands of renowned companies: “A” Defense and Security, “B” Mexico, “C” France, “D” United States of America, “F” Educational, and this year, “E” Spatial, will also be opened. This last pavilion will represent the most important players of the space ecosystem in Mexico and Latin America. Each panelist will impact every participant with transcendental information.

FAMEX 2023 is still innovating, creating a new app for mobile phones where users can interact with all the information regarding their daily activities. It will act like a digital assistant before and during the fair. Also, in the app, you can get accreditations, have access to the Layout, information about the aircraft exhibition, and information about the partner country.

Save your seat! Don’t miss the most important aeronautical event in Latin America, and the opportunity to project your company at an international level.

Contact: comercial@f-airmexico.com.mx

Photo by:   Javier Sandoval

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