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Mexico City Airports Integrate Digital Airspace

Thu, 03/25/2021 - 20:21

SCT announced this week that, starting today, AICM and the Toluca International Airport will begin the first phase of digital integration between their two digital airspace management systems, reports Obras. This is the first step towards a complete integration of these two airports under the same digital platform and automated radar monitoring and control systems. Once the Felipe Ángeles airport in Santa Lucia comes into operation in 2022, it will be integrated to the same platform to make up the unified digital airspace of the Metropolitan Airport System (SAM). 

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Felipe Ángeles Airport at 55 Percent Completion

The construction of the new Felipe Ángeles International Airport in Santa Lucia announced this week a physical progress of 55 percent, reports Milenio. This would place it ahead of its current scheduled completion by March 2022, exactly a year from this week. Its budgetary progress is reported at 52 percent. The airport is expected to mobilize 19.5 million passengers in its first phase, 43.5 million in its second and finally 84.9 million in its third. Furthermore, the announcement also promoted the airport’s future role as an air cargo hub connecting North American and Latin American destinations. The airport is expected to see a total cargo transit of 470,000 tons a year in its initial phase and 3 million tons a year at peak capacity. 

Interjet and PROFECO Reach Refund Agreement

Interjet and PROFECO have reached an agreement regarding the process through which passengers and ticket holders will be refunded for their purchases after the airline’s operational suspension, reports A21. The agreement gives affected consumers the option to obtain vouchers for future flights or cash refunds. 

Mexican Students Participate in SpaceX Launch

The Mexican Space Agency reports this week that Mexican students are part of the international team participating in SpaceX’s latest nanosatellite launch mission “D2/ATLACOM-1.” The launch will happen at NASA’s Cape Canaveral station and the satellite is expected to enter orbit in July. Mexican students will focus on the use of satellite data to boost agricultural productivity and efficiency. 

Santa Lucia Will Reach Overcapacity in Five Years: Almaguer

Santa Lucia is expected to be saturated in five years according to David Almaguer, President of the Board of Directors of the Association of Aeronautical Engineers. “There is no denying that the airport can be operated but its useful life will be limited to five years. Once it starts operating, it will be very limited because it will not have more than three runways, which will not allow simultaneous operations,” said Almaguer. There have been multiple studies done since the 80s that track the growth of the aeronautical sector in Mexico, particularly in Mexico City, which shows an exponential growth trend. The limited capacity of this airport presents a problem.

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