Mexico Strengthens Space Presence
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Mexico Strengthens Space Presence

Photo by:   Image by Nasa-imagery from Pixabay
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Emilio Aristegui By Emilio Aristegui | Junior Journalist and Industry Analyst - Tue, 11/23/2021 - 11:48

Participating in the 72nd International Aeronautical Congress (IAC 72) strengthened Mexico’s involvement in the space sector through talks with experts from several countries that led to agreements to provide technology to support the national industry.

Considered to be the “Olympic Games” of the space community, IAC is the largest and most important meeting of the global space community with 400 members from 71 countries, including the world’s leading space agencies, companies, societies, associations and institutes. The event held both online and face-to-face meetings, through which Mexico was able to close multiple agreements

The cooperation agreements arranged thanks to this event will make history, said Salvador Landeros Ayala, General Director, Mexican Space Agency (AEM), in a press release. Mexico secured several projects with a number of countries that are already carrying out important space activities.

“Mexico arranged cooperation actions with Russia, India, the UN and Turkey… The intense agenda of the global meeting included working meetings with space agencies such as NASA, through its representative Karen Feldstein, as well as with the heads of the Argentinian agencies, Raul Kulichevsky; Brazil’s, Carlos A. Teixeira; the EU’s, Josef Aschbacher; France’s, Philippe Baptiste; Israel’s, Avi Blasberger; Italy’s, Giorgio Saccoccia; Germany’s, Gunter Scheirer; Costa Rica’s, Carlos Alvarado; and the Vice President of Astrobotics, Dan Hendrickson, and Airbus, Bruno Parenti and Alan Wagner” said Landeros.

Mexico’s main goal is to translate these opportunities into collaborative actions to continue sharing knowledge and space technology that helps solve problems on earth, prioritizing social tasks. For Landeros, international cooperation is a vital aspect to develop Mexico’s space sector, as the AEM assures that the agency will continue its efforts to consolidate the country as a relevant actor in the global space community.

On Oct. 26, the SCT announced via a press release the official invitation to the event and Mexico’s plans “To advance in the transfer of knowledge and technology to Mexico.”

Photo by:   Image by Nasa-imagery from Pixabay

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