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Mexico’s Aviation Sector Sees Some Wins

By Jorge Ramos Zwanziger | Thu, 02/11/2021 - 18:41

This week, MBN Expert Contributor Cristophe Smitz, Economic and Commercial Counselor for the Walloon Region of the Embassy of Belgium in Mexico, shares his insight on the opportunities that abound for the aerospace sector in the Walloon Region.

Mexican airlines are recovering from the COVID-19 crisis, albeit at different rates, while SEDENA looks towards the local aerospace sector to distribute the COVID-19 vaccine. In international news, France cancels expansions at its main airport and Boeing delays the release of the 777X once again.

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Featured Contributor

Aeronautics and Space Industry Bolsters Wallonia Economy - Christophe Smitz,

Economic and Commercial Counselor for the Walloon Region of the Embassy of Belgium in Mexico

Smitz argues that when people think of Belgium, they forget about its key role in the aerospace sector, which requires a metal-working industry and a network of specialist sub-contractors, both of which are strong in the Walloon Region.


COVID-19 and SEDENA’s Other Relief Efforts

Due to the pandemic, the Mexican Army (SEDENA) has relied heavily on the aerospace sector to aid in the transportation of COVID-19 vaccines throughout the country. Also, floods and heavy rains in the southeast of the country have forced SEDENA and the Mexican Air Force (FAM) to help relief efforts.

Low-Cost Airline Flies High

After a tough 2020, Mexican airlines are showing mixed results. The industry has gradually, and slowly, recovered from the damage the pandemic caused to the aviation sector. But, while some airlines are flying high, others are still dragging behind due to internal and external hurdles. Read more here!

AT Engine Inaugurates Sonora Plant

Sonora strengthened its aerospace arm with the inauguration of a new plant in Hermosillo, Sonora, on Sunday, Jan. 7. The new plant is only the latest of Sonora’s efforts to position itself as a development hub for the aerospace sector. Nearshoring, in this sense, becomes more relevant for Mexico’s aerospace industry.


France Scraps Paris Airport Expansion Over Climate Concerns

The government of France scraps a major expansion of the Charles de Gaulle airport, which is Paris’ main air hub. Why? Because of climate concerns over infrastructure and investment.

Boeing 777X to Be Delayed Until 2024

Due to many problems with its production process, the Boeing 777X will most likely be delayed once more, which will cost millions to the company.

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