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More Suppliers Will Lead to Stronger Take-Off

Jaime Pérez - Jaiter
Director General


Sofía Hanna By Sofía Hanna | Journalist and Industry Analyst - Sat, 06/05/2021 - 09:37

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Q: Jaiter has been in Nuevo Leon’s aerospace sector since 1998. What have been some of the advantages and challenges to operating in the state?

A: The aerospace sector in Nuevo Leon has changed significantly throughout the years with the emergence of many new SMEs in the state. Unfortunately, we do not have a large OEM in Nuevo Leon. We do have FRISA Aerospace but we do not have an international company to support the local industry. We need to improve our supply chains to attract foreign OEMs to the state.


Nuevo Leon has many strengths thanks to its numerous maquiladoras and suppliers. We can fulfill the needs of all the companies in this state and others and we are working closely with companies in the US. Nuevo Leon has many advantages and has everything it needs to attract more aerospace companies. The aerospace industry is incredibly large and Jaiter shares FEMIA’s vision of collaboration. Other states, such as Chihuahua, Queretaro and Sonora, are focused on specific processes. Nuevo Leon offers strong machining capabilities.


Q: Jaiter collaborates closely with FRISA Aerospace. How has this relationship helped Jaiter grow in the aerospace sector?

A: Of course. We are grateful to be part of your supply chain and at the same time committed to maintaining the quality that characterizes our products and that has allowed us to maintain the trust of our customers for so many years. As FRISA Aerospace is a supplier to various clients around the world, this allows us, on the one hand, to have more visibility and, on the other, generates the need for us to make alliances with local companies.


Q: How has the company innovated in the construction of turbine parts and other machined components?

A: Technology is always moving forward and we sometimes need to buy more specialized machines because we have to work with specific, even exotic materials. We use a variety of precision technologies and we improve them to innovate and stay up to date with the global aerospace industry.


Q: Your manufacturing is reliant on raw materials like Inconel and titanium. What opportunities exist to source these materials from Mexico?

A: Ten years ago, it was extremely difficult to find aluminum, titanium and Inconel in Mexico. They were just not available. But now, most suppliers have incorporated those materials into their catalogs by building alliances with companies in other countries, allowing us to have better access to these raw materials.


Q: How does Jaiter contribute to the development of the local aerospace sector?

A: We have collaborated with other companies to source materials and precision technologies that have helped create better parts. Some SMEs in the state are actively participating in the development and supply of special processes, such as TECMAC.


Q: What opportunities has the company found in developing prototypes and participating in other R&D initiatives for the aerospace sector?

A: Prototyping is extremely important as the aerospace sector involves highly complex pieces, such as those made by plastic injection. Through partnerships with universities, it is possible to find ways to create new parts, develop new tools and avoid restricting our capabilities. Before the pandemic, some companies were working with local universities to build prototypes from carbon fiber and to develop other solutions. There is not a great deal of movement now but we believe that these collaborations will come resume.


Q: How important is it to participate in the Monterrey Aerocluster, especially now?

A: This is a critical time for the aerospace industry. The aviation sector is starting to reactivate thanks to vaccination campaigns. Both sectors will continue to advance, albeit slowly, and as a cluster we are committed to the creation of new suppliers for the aerospace industry. We are developing courses and certifications to help companies achieve better numbers in two or three years and become part of the local supply chain. This is the time to help existing suppliers become better and to introduce new suppliers.


We know that after the pandemic it will take a few years for the sector to get back on its feet but we have only positive expectations from here onward. We want to strengthen the local aerospace supply chain and increase the participation of Nuevo Leon’s manufacturing sector in it.


Jaiter is well-recognized in the aerospace sector for manufacturing turbine rings for commercial aircraft and shafts for heavy equipment. The company also operates in the automotive industry.


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