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Multiphysics Engineering Simplifies Complex Situations

Héctor Muñoz - Ansys
Director- Latin America Sales


Sofía Hanna By Sofía Hanna | Journalist and Industry Analyst - Fri, 06/09/2023 - 07:26

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Q: What sets Ansys apart in the CAE/multiphysics engineering simulation software space?

A: Ansys is known for the predictive accuracy of its mathematical, numerical models and analysis tools with a high speed-accuracy ratio, which is advantageous for clients needing a fast result. Greater accuracy requires more processing time, so we offer different tools depending on the client’s objective: fast results for a quick decision or a very detailed final result. 

Ansys also has a broad portfolio. As a multiphysics simulation company, it tackles many domains. Products get more complex everyday but with the company’s tools, clients can manage most of their problems simultaneously. In Mexico and Latin America, Ansys has excellent technical support and people. Ansys is very proud that Latin America is among the top ranked for engineering skills.

Q: How has the company evolved to include new materials, manufacturing processes and simulation capabilities on its platform?

A: Ansys operates under an open ecosystem strategy. The company focuses on simulation that includes validation testing and remains CAD Tool agnostic. In addition, Ansys is customer-centric, with customers of many sizes, from global to local companies. The company understands the challenges its clients face and the fact that from design to production there are numerous players, which is why the company works collaboratively with its customers. 

The company has also evolved rapidly thanks to its 29 strategic acquisitions in recent years, while collaborating with partners like Microsoft Azure, PTC, Autodesk and Amazon Web Services to benefit mutual customers. A key acquisition was of UK-based company Granta, which provides material selection and material intelligence tools. Ansys integrated some of its features, increasing the library of materials that can be selected in the simulation to complement our solutions. 

Q: How does Ansys help engineers and their companies test how their ideas will perform against millions of variables? 

A: With complex products, complex situations arise, requiring analysis of a product from several perspectives, including mechanical, structural, fluid dynamic, optical and even electromagnetic. Ansys helps by providing the best multiphysics capabilities along the product’s life cycle. A long time ago, people would build physical prototypes to test a couple of ideas but now everything is digital, with customers able to explore multiple alternatives through the computer only. Ansys can help its customers from the start by giving them information during the ideation stage about what is strong or weak and what works or not. We help from the design stage all the way to the operation of the product.

Q: How does Ansys plan to continue growing and expanding its business globally? 

A: Ansys will continue to develop its core capabilities while taking advantage of the most recent advancements in technology. We call that the five strategic technology pillars.

The first is core physics numerical methods. Simulation is all about numerical methods and Ansys works to constantly develop tools to solve problems through multiphysics. The second is high performance computing. The more complex the problem, the more details involved; to have high accuracy, it is necessary to have more computer power. Ansys has partnered with computer OEMs to blend easily and take advantage of that computer power. 

The third pillar is artificial intelligence and machine learning. Ansys uses AI/ML methods  to increase simulation speed, simplify its settings and predict user actions. During testing, validation and simulation, companies need reduced models that behave the same. For that, we use Reduced Order Models (ROM) supported by machine learning and AI to help clients make key product design decisions.

The fourth is the cloud. A challenge in engineering is intellectual property — businesses do not want to design a product in the cloud as it risks being copied. Many companies still keep their designs in house, but as cloud is becoming an IT standard and helping guarantee security, Ansys offers cloud-based solutions through collaboration with Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. 

The fifth is digital engineering. Ansys assists customers with their digital transformation to design and build their products with simulation as the foundation, helping to explore and optimize designs faster, increasing safety and security and connecting requirements with design through advance methodologies like model-based system engineering.

To continue growing and expanding, the Engineering Community is very important to Ansys to foster an ecosystem that supports its customers. In Mexico, we help engineering students from early stages of their education, all the way to post-graduate studies to help them become experts on their area of interest.


Ansys is a US multinational headquartered in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania. It develops and markets CAE/multiphysics engineering simulation software for product design, testing and operation and offers its products and services to customers worldwide.

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