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Prolonged Effects of an Ongoing Pandemic

By Jorge Ramos Zwanziger | Thu, 02/04/2021 - 14:09

This week, we present an interview with the CEO of SpaceLab, Antonio Franco, who talks about how to generate designs for more efficient production. We also feature an interview with the CEO and Co-Founder of Laser and Manufacturing, Jessica Madrid, who shares the company’s journey to becoming a successful Mexican Tier 2 supplier and its participation in the aerospace sector.

In other news, Peter Buttigieg has just been sworn in as the New US Transportation Secretary. He is optimistic about the future of travel, despite COVID-19. Also, Canada suspends flights to Mexico to stop the spread of COVID-19.

This and more in your weekly aerospace roundup!

Featured Interview

Generative Design for Faster, More Efficient Production – Antonio Franco, CEO of Space Lab

Franco shares his company’s success with MBN, which is based on the principles of ‘generative design’, which involves the use of AI-supported software for product development. He explains that clients in Mexico are still not used to these technologies but the company has observed better times and productivity from drones, believing that once given the chance to try them, clients will prefer them as companies are also able to reduce their costs and ensure their employees’ safety when using drones.

Keys to Becoming a Successful Mexican Tier 2 Supplier – Jessica Madrid, CEO and Co-Founder of Laser & Manufacturing

Madrid shares with MBN the success her company has had against different national and international competitions. To her, one of the most important lessons the pandemic has taught her company was to have a really well-balanced customer portfolio. Laser & Manufacturing has customers in the automotive, metal-mechanic, aerospace and energy sectors. Having customers abroad has also been beneficial for a company that has been in the business for 10 years.


Canada Suspends Flights to Mexico

In an effort to stop the spread of COVID-19, Canada has suspended all flights to Mexico and the Caribbean. Soon after the announcement, Aeroméxico reported that all of their flights to Canada will also come to a complete halt. This measure has led to millionaire losses. Read more about it, here!


Korean Air Makes Profit Despite COVID-19

The company reported a US$97.55 million profit, despite COVID-19. The company attributes this success to its air cargo sector and an increase in sales of 66 percent.

New US Transportation Secretary Optimistic About Future of Travel Despite COVID-19

The newly sworn US Transportation Secretary, Peter Buttigieg, is highly optimistic about the future of travel despite the devastating impact of COVID-19 on airlines and airports. He says the US will break new ground to ensure a recovered and rebuilt economy, which will combat climate change.

Boeing Delays Deliveries of MAX 10 Until 2023

Due to the low demand for aircraft, Boeing has delayed its B737 MAX 10 deliveries by two years, until 2023.

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