Queretaro to Become an Aerospace Powerhouse
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Queretaro to Become an Aerospace Powerhouse

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Antonio Gozain By Antonio Gozain | Senior Journalist and Industry Analyst - Tue, 04/19/2022 - 11:30

The aerospace industry in Mexico keeps growing, despite challenges. While Queretaro already plays a crucial role within the development of the industry, the state has the potential to become even more impactful.

“Queretaro offers an unbeatable ecosystem that enables the sustained development of companies, both SMEs and large companies. In addition, it offers unique characteristics, such as logistics connectivity, security, quality of life and constant support from state authorities,” said Antonio Velázquez, Managing Director, Queretaro Aerocluster.

From 1999 to 2021, Queretaro was the state that received the most FDI to manufacture aerospace equipment in Mexico. During that period, the state received US$981 million, followed by Chihuahua’s US$743 million and Baja California’s US$742 million, according to the Ministry of Economy. Queretaro’s aerospace industry produces aerostructures, special treatments, complex components of aerostructures, landing gear, engines and composite materials. However, Queretaro’s main asset is its talent, which is the result of “the strong articulation with academia and R&D centers,” said Velázquez.

Queretaro’s main strength is its education system, said to MBN Marco Antonio del Prete Tercero, Minister, SEDESU: “We have equipped technical and technological universities in the state, including Universidad Politécnica de Querétaro (UPQ), Universidad Tecnológica de Querétaro (UTEQ) and Universidad Tecnológica de San Juan del Río (UTSJR).”

The Universidad Aeronáutica en Querétaro (UNAQ) is a public academic institution and training center focused on the formation of professionals and researchers for the state’s aerospace sector, as reported by MBN. It was created as part of the agreement between the state government and Bombardier Aerospace for the company to establish in the state. UNAQ is the only university in Mexico that focuses completely on aerospace studies.

While the growth of the industry in Queretaro has been boosted by FDI, National Direct Investment (NDI) will be necessary to keep the sector thriving in the state, said to MBN Juan Carlos Corral, President, Queretaro Aerocluster. “Growth has come from FDI but that is not infinite. Certain companies have invested a great deal in the region but they are not going to invest on such a large scale forever. What we need is NDI,” said Corral. Although Queretaro is among the biggest FDI hubs in the world, big industrial hubs such as Hamburg, Toulouse, Seville and Seattle base their success in NDI, he added.

Queretaro’s competitiveness and potential to become an aerospace industrial pole will be some of the topics discussed in Mexico Aerospace Forum 2022, hosted by Mexico Business on April 27-29, 2022. The event will feature industry leaders who will discuss the latest trends impacting the aerospace sector.

Join the conversation with Marco Antonio del Prete from SEDESU, Juan Carlos Corral from Queretaro Aerocluster, Carlos Robles from AMBE Engineering LLC, Jorge Gutiérrez de Velasco from AIQ and Enrique Sosa from UNAQ in the panel “Queretaro Potential as an Aerospace Powerhouse.”

Do not miss the opportunity to get the insights of the Mexican aerospace industry directly from the leaders who are transforming the sector. Tickets for the forum are available here. Join the future of B2B conferences now!

Photo by:   Pixabay

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