Roberto Amado
Project Director
ISA Ingenium

Queretaro SME Targets Strategic Aerospace Partnerships

Fri, 12/01/2017 - 14:43

As major aerospace companies continue their expansion in Queretaro, the sector requires suppliers to support them, especially in terms of development of technology, research and development, mechanical design, automation and advanced manufacturing, says engineer Roberto Amado, CEO of ISA Ingenium. He adds that it is not just the aerospace industry that needs to see an improvement in advanced manufacturing, also automotive and other industrial sectors.

“Even though in Querétaro there are a lot of good workshops that work with excellent quality, the state’s capabilities for advanced manufacturing are still limited because the state needs more certified suppliers that use advanced equipment for manufacturing and certified processes,” says Amado. “The entire country has room for improvement in advanced manufacturing and technology development. Mexico could benefit from investing in advanced manufacturing and technology due to the automotive boom across the country.”

While many OEMs have come into the state, once they are here they often find themselves lacking the specific tooling to finish their products. Mexican companies can fill this market gap, Amado says. “Large companies need suppliers to address this market.” ISA Ingenium was created for this purpose. “Our mission is to provide industrial solutions in terms of mechanical design, engineering services, automation and the manufacture of specialized tools, such as gages, fixtures, semiautomatic workstations and special devices, designed and manufactured specifically to allow our clients to increase their competitiveness.” The company works in many different manufacturing sectors, including electric appliances and automotive. “We work to the highest quality standards to comply with our client’s requirements in terms of costs, quality and delivery times.”

ISA Ingenium develops technological, automated projects, including the conceptual design of mechanical tools and semiautomatic work stations, their manufacture, assembly and start-up. The company has capabilities to develop Finite Element Method (FEM) analysis, used to measure stress in mechanical and structural components to predict potential breaks, and provides 3D modeling, reverse engineering and design updates of tools and semiautomatic workstations. The company uses mostly SolidWorks but also has capabilities for Solid Edge, Inventor and CATIA.

“Having a close relationship with technological partners such as Bosch, Misumi, Balluff, Festo, Datalogics, SMC and Siemens allows it to stay at the forefront of technology, integrating innovative products into its projects,” says Amado.

“We can manufacture different mechanical components that involve milling operations, turning operations, CNC operations, mechanic welded components and welded structures.”

ISA Ingenium also has capabilities for checking fixtures, retooling, vision systems, manufacturing cells, reverse engineering of parts and the mechanical design and assembly of special machinery. “Our goal is to become a strategic partner with our clients to help them design and manufacture the necessary tooling for their production."

“If needed, we can also provide engineering services as PLC programming and control systems in case a workstation requires a programmable logic controller (PLC),” says Amado. The company works mostly with Tier 1, 2 and 3 international companies.

Given its track record, ISA Ingenium says it is ready to tackle the aerospace sector but that it will take time. “We are focusing on obtaining the necessary certifications for the automotive sector. Once we have those, we will look to aerospace,” says Amado.

Entering the sector will be a gradual process. “We will need to acquire proficiency in CATIA, a more comprehensive, broad and expensive software in comparison to SolidWorks. We believe that entering the aerospace sector will be a middle-term project unless we find specific niches that we can address.”