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Recovery Know-How in the Post-Pandemic World

By Jorge Ramos Zwanziger | Thu, 07/15/2021 - 18:27

This week, two Mexican airlines showed rather different post-pandemic outlooks. Meanwhile, Metal Finishing Company’s Rene Espinosa discussed opportunities for the aerospace industry and Innocentro’s Roberto Corral explored how Baja California’s aerospace sector changed in response to the pandemic.

In international news, Boeing announced that it would cut back production of one of its iconic aircraft after a new flaw came to light, while Airbus shared how its 650-satellites “constellation” could provide affordable and high-speed internet access worldwide.

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Staying One Step Ahead in the Aerospace Industry: Rene Espinosa, Plant Manager at Metal Finishing Company

Metal Finishing Company’s new steel processing line will make a difference in the company’s future as it allows the company to focus on hard metal coatings, cadmium plating and different of passivating for stainless steel and zinc-nickel, explained Espinosa. The company’s operations started back in 2011 and developed rapidly but the aerospace sector was still developing at the time. While COVID-19 did hurt the company’s growth, it still has plans to expand and keep growing. Espinosa discusses the opportunities he has identified in the sector here.

Innovation Focused on Reducing Weight, Costs: Roberto Corral, President of Innocentro

The COVID-19 pandemic led Innocentro to shift its priorities, as the aerospace industry was paralyzed in the state of Baja California, said Corral. While the state government helped local companies, Innocentro chose to find new areas of opportunity and expand its trains and railways capabilities. Corral is optimistic about what the future will bring, especially in 2022, as if it all goes well, “the time that was lost will be recovered quickly.” Read more here!

Volaris, Aeroméxico Face Two Different Post-Pandemic Realities

Mexican ultra-low-cost airline Volaris reported positive numbers in June as there was an increase in domestic and international demand. This gives the company more opportunities to grow and helped it attract the attention of other airlines and countries. On the other hand, Aeroméxico’s growth has been less substantial but the company keeps moving forward thanks to newly-open borders. Read more here!

Boeing Stock Drops After Dreamliner Shows Problems

US aerospace giant Boeing announced that it would cut the production of its 787 Dreamliner, another setback as the manufacturer works to recover from the crises caused by the two 737 Max crashes and the COVID-19 pandemic. The company also announced that it will be delaying deliveries, read why here.

Global Connectivity Closer Thanks to Satellite “Constellation”

Airbus and One Web are manufacturing and launching a “constellation” of artificial satellites that aim to provide high-speed internet access worldwide. To date, they have a total of 254 low-Earth orbit spacecraft as part of their 50/50 joint venture, which allowed both companies to launch satellites at a fraction of the usual cost.

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