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Resilience, Sustainability: Safran’s Keys to Moving Forward

By Sofía Garduño | Tue, 07/26/2022 - 09:34

Q: How has Safran Aerosystems Mexico performed so far in 2022?

A: Safran Aerosystems Mexico has demonstrated an excellent recovery , with programs beginning to ramp up. While we are not producing at the levels experienced in 2019, we have increased production by 25 percent in comparison to 2021. The recovery could have been stronger but we were hit by global supply chain constraints.

We have introduced industrial improvements to increase production and adapt better to changes. We also continuously train our people so they learn new skills to facilitate the introduction of new products and processes.

It is crucial to continue increasing the products and processes manufactured locally to strengthen the supply chain. The government has to support the private sector to make this a reality and fuel economic benefits for the region and aerospace companies.

Q: How is Safran able to continue innovating despite the difficulties the sector is going through?

A: The need to be more efficient in the new normal has pushed the company to think outside the box and start anticipating the needs of our customers. We have introduced new technologies and improved existing processes. We value our resilience, looking out for our customers’ needs and improving delivery times to remain competitive, which has allowed us to be prepared for unexpected changes and to choose how we attract, train and retain our employees.

Q: What are Safran’s goals and sustainable strategies to help generate a greener industry in Mexico?

A: Safran is opening a new chapter in its low-carbon strategy, aiming to reduce emissions by 30 percent in 2025. The Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) signed on July 1, 2021, is Safran Aerosystems Mexico’s first significant contract of this type, allowing for the production of clean, solar energy to power about 70 percent of our industrial operations in the country. We are still developing a strategy to use clean energy for the remaining 30 percent of our operations.

The company focuses on four corporate social responsibility (CSR) pillars: decarbonize aeronautics, be an exemplary employer, embody responsible industry and affirm our commitment to citizenship. These pillars have helped the company to stand out and remain attractive to the industrial community.

As part of our second and fourth pillars, the company promotes the training of the professionals of tomorrow, ensuring their health, safety and quality of life and encouraging equal opportunities and promoting diversity. We aim to be at the forefront of innovation, developing training partnerships and research and enhancing professional and social integration.


Q:  What does Industry 4.0 mean for Safran’s day-to-day operations?

A: Industry 4.0 is important for Safran Aerosystems Mexico. We have started to analyze and migrate some of our processes to Industry 4.0 to collect and use as much data as possible to be more predictive and make the changes needed in our processes and resource consumption.

Q: Safran was recognized as a Socially Responsible Company. What does obtaining this recognition entail and how has the company impacted its surrounding communities?

A: The award recognizes Safran Aerosystems Mexico's firm commitment with corporate social responsibility in the eyes of its employees, investors and customers. This recognition enhances the value of our CSR policy, maintains long-term obligations and grants us recognition as a socially responsible company.

Guided by our four strong CSR pillars, Safran Aerosystems Mexico strives to support all employees in their professional lives, positively affecting their communities and reinforcing our commitment to being at the forefront of innovation.

Q:  After the USMCA and the pandemic, what should companies do to recover and grow?

A: Companies will have to learn how to innovate quickly to respond to market and customer needs. Through better designs, material flexibility and proper industrialization techniques, companies will remain competitive and sustainable in the industry.

Q: What role does Safran want to play in the development of Mexico’s aerospace industry?

A: Safran Aerosystems Mexico wants to continue being an active partner for the industry, providing innovative designs and sustainable processes and being part of the community's growth. We will continue to strengthen the local aerospace supply chain by being an active player of different industry chambers and associations. We will also collaborate with local companies and authorities to identify needs and provide the proper means to develop the region and help it become as self-sufficient as possible.


Safran is a French engine and component manufacturer and one of the Top 100 aerospace companies in the world. Safran started operating in Mexico 16 years ago in Chihuahua and Queretaro. It currently has 13 plants in Mexico across Baja California, Chihuahua and Queretaro.

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