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Saving Money and Time on Painting Processes With Nitrogen Tech

Sergio Vázquez de Lara - Vazdelar


Antonio Gozain By Antonio Gozain | Senior Journalist and Industry Analyst - Tue, 02/28/2023 - 17:00

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Q: How does Vazdelar provide the latest technology in painting systems by electrodeposition?

A: Vazdelar works closely with partners that make the paint, treatment chemicals and equipment. We stay up-to-date on the latest advancements in technology by attending forums and events as well as by being in direct communication with manufacturers. The deployment of new technology is heavily dependent on the authorization of the automotive and aeronautical industries. Our aim is to meet the latest requirements of all manufacturers and provide the necessary equipment, such as washers, ovens and conveyors, to apply coatings.

Q: How does Vazdelar integrate Industry 4.0 within its product offering?

A: Vazdelar is actively investing in the development of 4.0 technology. Also we are working with a Spanish company in the implementation of machines as “human eyes” for a better control and documentation. Our  manual devices can  are monitored 24/7 any process, and we are working with a Spanish company to train human supervisors in the use of the machines for better control and documentationand give . real-time information The teams are being trained to work with this technology,  so anythe processs areis well-documented, allowing for the fast identification  and prevention of faults or issues. Our goal is  for our teams to be fully trained in implement this technology in any continuous process to avoid and control variations in the easiest way,.which is being developed and implemented globally.

Q: How is Vazdelar innovating within nitrogen technology?

A: Vazdelar is promoting a European new Nnitrogen technology for powder and liquid painting processes. Instead of using compressed air, it uses nitrogen from a nitrogen generator. This brings many benefits, such as saving paint and solvent, best adherence,  increasing quality,  and productivity and  and reducing flashing zones and the need for retouching.

Vazdelar is bringing Italian nitrogen technology to Latin America. Previously, having a nitrogen generator was expensive but the new online generator technology makes its production cost-effective. Nitrogen ionization is crucial in electrostatic painting. Vazdelar has distribution in Latin America and is now looking to expand to all of South America through distributors. This technology is not well-known but has many benefits and is very easy to implement and no maintenance is needed. The cost benefits are significant as it offers quick recovery.

Q: What additional benefits does nitrogen painting provide?

A: Nitrogen technology for painting processes saves 30% in expenses, while reducing the use of solvents and being more environmentally friendly. It also results in using less paint and creating a better working environment for the operator, who avoids exposure to some hazardous substances.

Q: How does Vazdelar add value to clients through its turnkey projects?

A: Vazdelar provides a complete solution for its clients by offering a one-stop-shop for all their needs in a paint line system. It is challenging for a single company to manufacture everything, from pumps, fans, burners and application equipment to the steel windrow structure. Vazdelar provides primary design for the entire coating line, sourcing equipment from different suppliers. The company also has its own manufacturing workshop to assemble the different pieces into a complete system that includes transportation systems, water treatment, air purification and preparation, fluid pumping and a furnace.

Vazdelar oversees all the complexities of the paint line system, allowing the customer to focus on its core businesses. The client only needs to place a purchase order with Vazdelar and receive a delivery date. This saves the client time and eliminates the responsibility of coordinating with multiple suppliers and engineers. Vazdelar takes care of everything, giving the client peace of mind.

Q: What does Vazdelar’s footprint look like?

A: We have a strong presence in Puebla and Monterrey, which are strategic locations. Also, at the end of last year we opened offices in the US. This year, we plan to open a new plant in the Bajio region due to the growing demand. Previously, we were able to serve the Bajio from our facilities in Puebla but, following the region’s rapid growth, a permanent presence has become necessary.

Our clients are primarily from the automotive and general industries, with a smaller percentage from the electronics and aeronautics sectors. These two industries make up 80% of our client base.

Q: What opportunities does the relocation of global supply chains present for Vazdelar?

A: Nearshoring is on the rise and companies are investing in Mexico. Brands like BMW and Tesla have announced plans to invest in the country, while the Transisthmic Corridor is expected to lead to growth in the next 10 years. Vazdelar is capitalizing on this trend by relying heavily on referrals and recommendations. About 80% of our clients come from referrals, which is a testament to our good work. Several clients are multinationals with one or more painting lines, while others are new clients that are investing in a system for the first time.


Vazdelar is a Mexican company specialized in painting systems based on electrodeposition (e-coat, elpo or KTL), powder and liquid. It participates in several industrial sectors, including the automotive industry.

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